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driving sustainability with specialty paper innovation

We aim to support customers in their transition toward a circular economy by designing and manufacturing functional, sustainable and lightweight papers from renewable resources and by focusing on fairness and equality in all our partnerships.

our vision

Empowered by our core philosophy of creative collaboration, we want to enable customers to contribute to the healthiest planet possible. 


our mission

Our mission is to support the success of our customers every day by means of specialized and customized solutions, responsible production and operations, and a reliable supply chain.

our strategy

delfort wants to drive change in the specialty paper industry, leading by example with sustainable practices. Therefore, we have set ourselves very clear goals that we consistently pursue in our daily operations.

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    We leverage our key competencies

    At delfort, we give paper superpowers. We create functional papers that perform. Therefore, we focus on market segments that require particularly functional, sustainable and lightweight solutions.

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    We reinforce our customers’ excellence

    Fully equipped laboratories, rapid prototyping and pilot lines enable us to run fast trials. Our state-of-the-art technology and processes
    deliver high-performance paper for efficient converting.

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    We contribute to a circular society

    We provide true fiber-based alternatives to non-renewable materials. We look at the whole lifecycle of our solutions, from the origin of raw materials to the way they are designed, produced and processed, including how they can be recycled or degraded after use.

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    We empower performance-driven teams

    We fully support a culture that allows employees to reach their full potential. To keep pace with the fast and flexible transfer of new knowledge, we invest in life-long learning, supported by coaching and mentoring.

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    We upscale innovation

    delfort has built up an excellent network with R&D partners, laboratories, universities and research facilities for upscaling innovation. By partnering with the technologists at DELSCI, we are taking the future of packaging to a whole new level.

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    We foster solid business partnerships

    The increasing demand for sustainable and safe solutions further supports
    our growth. Equipped with financial reserves, we will deliver long-term value to our clients and stakeholders, resulting in responsibly manufactured products, sustainable operations and supply security.

our sustainability priorities 2030

Sustainability is a key component of our company strategy, and we have a clear roadmap for 2030 and beyond. It tackles the topics that are most material to our business and our stakeholders, and translates our overall sustainability efforts into tangible goals. We have structured our ambitious sustainable development commitments into four main topics:

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we innovate sustainable products

thin – thinner – light

As we develop our solutions, we always make sure that we use as few raw materials as we can. Many of our product names start with the word “thin”, which is a clear sign of our commitment to satisfy the needs of different users and industries with the lightest, thinnest papers possible. Lighter paper means less pulp, lower weight, reduced transportation space and less waste.

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field of wind turbines in sunset in spring
© field of wind turbines in sunset in spring

we leverage climate actions

delfort has set itself a clear decarbonization goal that will go beyond statutory minimum requirements. To this end, we have developed the delfort climate care program, which is our roadmap towards net zero and the ending of our dependency on fossil fuels. We ratified our commitment to this ultimate goal at the beginning of 2023 by signing the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) Net-Zero Standard. 

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Canopy x delfort
© Aspen forest in autumn with fall colors of gold, yellow, blue, white, yellow in San Juan NAtional Forest outside of Ouray and Silverton on the Million Dollar Highway.

we support your secure business

We are building sound, value-driven procurement practices to manage business risk, improve the supply chain and create the most advanced solutions for our customers. We have therefore defined a supplier management framework based on standardized processes and activities to enable us to make fact-based decisions during the procurement process.

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we empower people

delfort offers safe and rewarding workplaces to its employees and is also investing heavily in the training and development of its staff in terms of both professional expertise and personal skills.

Our key priorities comprise:

  • Zero fatalities and no Lost Time Accidents (LTA) on all sites
  • Giving every employee access to annual development reviews
  • Providing delfort-specific training program for all employees

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Highlights from our report 2023


of our wood pulp suppliers are FSC™ (C109921) PEFC (06-33-163) certified 


of work-related injuries per 1,000,000 hours worked compared to 2021


of our apprentices became permanent employees


of specific NOx emissions since 2016


CO2-free purchased electricity


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