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Fashion Bags

Our lightweight specialty papers are designed for functionality, meeting the needs of several end-uses and industries. They shield items from humidity, moisture, dust, and UV rays during transport, ensuring that products arrive in top condition. 

Paper for Fashion Bags

Embrace a circular future with transparent paper packaging! Protecting goods in the supply chain no longer means compromising the environment. Our thinwrap® paper is the perfect solution if you are looking for a (transparent) paper bag that protects your fashion items. It goes beyond being just transparent; our paper boasts exceptional lightness, resistance to moisture, excellent printability, a high level of tension and tear resistance, and sturdiness - it’s a game-changer! 


  • Transparent paper to see items through
  • Alternative to fossil-based wrappings
  • Excellent printability and optical appearance
  • Luxurious to the touch
  • FSC™/PEFC certified pulp (FSC-A000513)
  • Yield advantage with low substances


  • Basis weight range from 22 to 35 g/m² (13 to 22 lbs)
  • High strength and uniform formation
  • High grade of tension and tear resistance
  • Suitable for flexographic printing and offset machine
  • Super calendered offering a beautiful, shiny appearance
  • Available with or without wet strength properties
  • UV protection


  • Transparent bags for fashion and logistics
paper for fashion bags


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