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Retail_fashion bag

colored & transparent paper for bags & wrap

the natural and sustainable solution

Practice sustainability without sacrificing efficiency. Our range of thinwrap® specialty papers provide a functional and high-quality solution for logistics, retail, fashion, and grocery. Our experts are ready to make your transition from poly to paper as easy as possible. We’re proud to serve environmentally conscious companies who share our vision for a healthier planet and responsible consumer behavior.

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packaging that will delight and inspire

release the power of paper

  • transparent

    See the difference, our papers are transparent enough for visual inspection and manual barcode scanning.
  • durable

    Light but tough, our papers withstand supply chain demands from manufacturer, to distribution, to customer.
  • protection

    Designed with UV protection, our paper protects your products from fading and sun damage.
thinwrap paper for wine bottles

thinwrap® papers are truly versatile

  • apparel & shoes
  • accessories
  • undergarments
  • bottles & glasses
  • books & magazines
  • fruit & vegetables
  • toys & game pieces
  • electronics
  • cosmetics
  • personal care

say hello to transparent paper

thinwrap® transparent
ultra-light and transparent papers


  • transparent paper to see through
  • excellent optical appearance and brilliant printability
  • FSC™ / PEFC certified pulp (FSC-C109921)
  • yield advantages with low substances
transparent paper for books
paper for fashion bags


  • basis weight range from 20 to 35 g/m² (12.3 to 22 lbs)
  • different levels of transparency available
  • high-strength and uniform formation
  • high grade of tension and tear-resistant
  • suitable for flexographic printing and offset machine
  • beautiful, shiny appearance
  • available with or without wet strength property
  • UV protection
transparent paper for bags
paper for vegetable bags


  • transparent bags for logistics, cosmetics and fashion
    as well as windows for envelopes
transparent paper for windows
transparent paper for food bags


thinwrap® transparent papers for fashion and apparel bags

the responsible solution to protect products throughout the supply chain

  • circular design

    With end-of-life in mind, our papers are designed for recyclability, and/or compostability.
  • natural ingredients

    We stay away from harmful chemicals and additives: no PFAS, no allergens, and no GMOs.
  • responsibly made

    Only fibers from sustainably managed forests from PEFC and/or FSC™ (FSC-C109921) certified suppliers.

thinwrap® colored
wrap your luxury goods with elegance


  •  radiant colors with high class appearance
  • paper does not bleed
  • brilliant printability, embossing, stamping foiling and more
  • luxurious to the touch
  • FSC™ / PEFC certified pulp (FSC-C109921)
  • yield advantages with low substances
delfort thinwrap brown luxury goods
paper packaging for non-food


  • basis weight range from 22 to 35 g/m² (13 to 22 lbs)
  • available in white or custom-made range of colors
  • high-strength and uniform formation
  • high grade of tension and tear resistant
  • suitable for flexographic printing and offset machine
  • beautiful, shiny appearance
  • UV protection
  • available in pink, blue, green, brown, black and customized colors
thinwrap paper wrap shoes
luxurious fashion paper colored


  • wrapping paper for fashion, shoes, accessories,
    jewelry, watches, perfumes, spirits, wine and more
colored paper luxury fashion
colored paper for shoe boxes


thinwrap® colored paper for fashion and apparel wrapping

make a lasting positive impression

  • luxurious touch

    The best brands demand the best quality. thinwrap® is luxurious to the touch, giving your customers a luxurious unboxing experience.
  • brilliant printability

    No smudging and no bleeding, only a perfect print every time. Your logo and text will pop on thinwrap making a positive impression every time.
  • bold colors

    Stand out from the crowd with custom paper packaging. We can produce paper in almost any colour with no bleeding.

it’s time to switch to paper

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