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Luxury Wrapping Papers - shirt blue

luxury wrapping papers: inspired by luxury, dedicated to nature

For an exquisite look and feel, high-end brands choose delfort’s specialty lightweight colored papers. Customers who purchase luxury items expect the highest standards throughout their purchasing journey. This is especially true when it comes to the packaging. Our specialty paper adds heightened luxury to the unboxing experience for apparel, accessories, shoes, and other luxury items.

The anticipation of opening a purchase is heightened by the right packaging, giving people the feeling of exclusivity and quality. Before seeing a product, a customer is already developing an impression of the brand based on the packaging. Our papers allow brands to express themselves and communicate their dedication to the highest quality.

Luxury Wrapping Papers

delivering outstanding and customized solutions

You won’t find one-fits-all solutions at delfort. Each of our customers has unique needs and we work closely with them to find the perfect fit for their brand. Our luxury wrapping papers are available in different weights from 20 gsm to 26,5 gsm.

For a superior presentation, our high-end wrapping paper is guaranteed to impress. With the option of supercalendered papers, brands are guaranteed beautiful wrapping paper with a soft and lightweight feel. Our papers ensure tear and tension resistance, a harmonized formation, and transparency.

brilliant printing and colors

Color plays an important role in a customer’s perception of a product. It is a powerful visual component and allows a brand to differentiate itself from competitors. Our wrapping papers were specially designed for brilliant printability, embossing, and stamping. They are available in white or in a custom range of colors.

Brands can customize their wrapping papers with their signature colors, patterns, and logos. Our paste-dyed color paper is highly recognized in terms of quality for the brilliance and homogeneity of our colors. The paper does not bleed, so even the whitest shirt can be wrapped without concern.

dedicated to nature

In addition to outstanding quality, our colored wrapping papers are an environmentally responsible solution. 

  • a functional alternative to fossil-based wrapping
  • fibers from FSC™ (C109921) and/or PEFC (06-33-163) certified pulp
  • made from renewable resources
  • tested recyclable
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Segment Manager Flex Pack Non-Food

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