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discover our paper

OP papírna, s.r.o.


Olšany 18
789 62 Olšany | Czech republic

tradition meets innovation

We are one of the world market leaders for pharmaceutical leaflets. And a valued partner in the tobacco industry. We have been designing and producing specialty papers for our global business partners for more than 160 years. We focus on customers, high quality products, new technologies and support for the region.


OP papírna in a nutshell

  • 160

    years of tradition
  • 500+


open jobs


op papírna - one of delfort's biggest paper mill

op papírna is one of the most prestigious employers within the Czech paper manufacturing industry. We produce thinprint and cigarette papers, with an export rate of more than 95 percent. As one of delfort‘s biggest paper mills, we employ ca. 500 employees and run 3 paper machines with the best available technology.


tradition meets internationality

We take pride in our rich history, international background, deep connection with our employees, customer orientation, high-quality products, and we support our local community.

good reasons to work for us

bonus payment

monthly performance bonus

fair remunaration

13, 14, 15 salary after induction

flexible work hours

reduced working hours (37.5 hours per week)

parental leave – working days

5 weeks holidays

100% food

company catering

pension funds

pension insurance

Drinking enjoyment

corporate tariff - discounted calls and SMS

evolving skills

contribution to language courses and leisure activities

public transport available

subsidized bus connection Šumperk - Olšany


a job with long tradition and a unique product of high quality

Our Values

  • empathy_wheel


    Empathy is our strength, crucial for acquiring a deep understanding of people, complex situations and technical demands, actively forming trustful & long-lasting relationships.

  • collaboration_wheel


    Collaboration is the key that ultimately enables an exceptional interplay and productive synergies between a wide diversity of people, skills and talents, comprehensive expertise and cutting edge technical knowledge and technologies.

  • creativity_wheel


    Empathy & collaboration create the solid fundament for our passion to explore, to innovate and to find new and unexpected solutions for tasks that are vastly different in nature and complexity.

  • performance_wheel


    This is how we genuinely live up to our claim of always delivering only exceptional processes and invaluable results for our clients, our partners and our coworkers.