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fibrestraw paper for paper straws

the perfect sip! straw paper for paper straws

with our straw paper you can enjoy drinks safely and sustainably

The foundation of any great paper straw is great paper! What might seem like a simple product is the result of elaborate research and development to discover the best combination of high-performing raw materials. Tough in drinks and easy on the planet, our fibrestraw® WS paper is sip’ly amazing! We have straw paper grades that are recyclable, compostable and/or soil and marine-degradable.

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we guarantee that our fibrestraw® WS paper is compliant and safe

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The Charter of Trust for Paper Drinking Straws

  • our paper is fully compliant with all applicable EU and national laws on materials in contact with foodstuffs.
  • all raw materials can be traced to suppliers, ensuring every ingredient that goes into delfort’s paper is compliant and safe. 

  • we employ a team of experts in regulatory affairs, quality assurance, product integrity, and product safety, which guarantees a safe product from sourcing to the final product.
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the benefits of paper straws

  • compostable

    OK Compost INDUSTRIAL and OK Compost HOME certifications from TÜV Austria.
  • PFAS free

    We stay away from harmful chemicals and additives: no PFAS, no allergens, and no GMOs.
  • responsibly made

    Only fibers from sustainably managed forests from PEFC and/or FSC™ certified suppliers.
  • 100% food safe

    Certified for direct food contact, in compliance with leading food contact agencies FDA and BfR.
  • soil & marine degradable

    There when you need it, gone when you don't! soil and marine degradable .

Our research and development teams have engineered the perfect paper for paper straws. Made from natural and renewable ingredients, your customers can enjoy their drinks safely and sustainably. 

To provide safe high-quality paper straws to the market, we work with companies that embrace and implement high standards of quality, reliability, performance, and innovation.  We collaborate along the supply chain for high-quality, functional and sustainable paper straws. Read more

fibrestraw® WS
base paper for a high-performance straw


  • base paper for all paper straw designs such as straight, telescopic and U-shaped straws
  • good runnability on high speed spiral winding and cylindrical machines
  • good longevity
  • excellent optical appearance and printability
  • recyclable and specific grades are compostable
  • soil and marine-degradable certified through TÜV Austria for specific grades
  • quality approved by various machine and glue suppliers
fibrestraw paper straws


  • basis weight range from 60 to 140 g/m²
    (37 to 86 lbs)
  • available in reels and bobbins, starting from 7.8 mm
  • high wet stiffness and strength
_A7A8150 (1)


  • paper straws for various liquids and drinks
  • straight, telescopic and U-shaped straws
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tough in drinks and easy on the planet

our paper is strong and functional

  • drinking enjoyment

    Sipping sustainably has never been more enjoyable.
  • strong in drinks

    Supports paper straws in their form and function in liquids.
  • all shapes and sizes

    Perfect for all paper straw designs including u-shaped and telescopic.
  • excellent runnability

    Designed to work with all paper straw converting technologies available on the market.
that's a wrap!

wrap your paper straws in paper wrappers with fibrestraw® wrap

fibrestraw® wrap
high performance straw packaging paper


  • perfect mechanical sealin
  • high efficiency on high-speed lines at the lowest
    basis weight
  • excellent printability


  • basis weight range from 23 to 28 g/m² (14 to 17 lbs)
  • PFAS-free
  • recyclable
  • with or without watermarking
  • available in nature and white
  • in reels or bobbins
  • available as heat sealable version (thinwrap® straw wrap HS)
delfort_fibrestraw_and packaging_cold_drinks


  • fibrestraw® wrap
  • thinwrap® straw wrap HS


the perfect base paper for paper straws and wrappers

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sip it better! fibrestraw® in action

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