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Terreus Crystal pigment paper

pigment paper for unforgettable invitations & cards

terreus crystal™ pigment paper is perfect for creating beautiful high-quality invitations, business cards, and high-end leaflets & brochures. For a truly special paper that is undoubtedly luxurious, classy, soft to the touch, and sustainable, think of terreus crystal™. 

The right paper can make or break a great design. High-quality paper adds an element of elegance and sophistication to designs, elevating the overall aesthetic and making them more visually appealing. Your business can make invitations and cards that will shine and delight with our beautiful pigment paper. 


add an element of luxury and elegance

What makes terreus crystal™ unique are the special pigments that we use in the coating of the papers. These pigments give the paper a unique and beautiful shine, like thousands of tiny crystals. If you're looking for a truly special and unique paper for high-quality cards, menus, and invitations, our pigmented paper is a perfect choice.

The unique sparkle effect catches the light and adds a shimmering, eye-catching element that immediately draws the attention of the recipient. This can be especially effective for invitations that are meant to convey excitement and celebration, such as for birthdays, anniversaries, or New Year's Eve parties. The sparkle effect is a perfect way to add a touch of glamour and luxury.

pigment paper for business cards

what is important when choosing paper for cards and invitations

The paper used for cards, menus, invitations, and other printed material immediately communicates quality and emotion. That's why terreus crystal™ is designed for memorable moments and lasting impressions:

  • reflects high quality and attention to detail
  • conveys a sense of importance and formality
  • enhances the readability of text

creating a lasting impression

  • a touch of luxury

    The texture of the paper plays a big role in the overall look and feel of the invitation. Our paper is wonderfully smooth and feels luxurious to the touch.

  • see the difference

    It’s important to choose a paper that will hold ink well and provide crisp, clear printing for text and graphics. terreus crystal™ is suitable for offset and digital printing.*

  • feel the difference

    The quality of our paper is unmatched. Our paper is thick so your invitations won’t tear or crease during the mailing process. terreus crystal™ is available in 260 and 290 g/m2.

  • a superior finish

    terreus crystal™ has good finishing properties and is working well for example in embossing.

high-quality paper makes all the difference

For the creative; for the visionaries; for those who need the perfect tool to present their ideas to the world, we have the perfect design paper. Whether you're planning a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary, or a graduation party, our paper is a perfect choice. So why wait? Start creating your beautiful invitations today with our high-quality paper.


For more information on terreus crystal™ paper please contact our Design Papers Sales Manager Margit Caven at  I  Connect with Margit on LinkedIn

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* Screen ruling recommendation in offset printing: 60 l/cm/150 l/inch. Because of characteristics of paper set-off foil or UV inks are recommended to use. Powder and high-intensity infrared drying are also needed. Digital printing: crystal grades are suitable for color digital printing (toner machines) with the exception of older-generation printing machines. Toner adhesion can vary depending on the printing machine (combination of toner and fixing temperature). Therefore, the suitability of each machine must be tested before on a production run.