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delfort partners with Canopy to protect forests

delfort partners with Canopy to protect forests

Recognizing the profound impact of packaging paper production on forests, species, and the climate, delfort emphasizes the imperative to adopt environmentally and socially responsible practices in this industry. To champion this cause, we've joined the nonprofit environmental organization Canopy, sharing the goal of safeguarding the planet and preserving crucial forests through responsible fiber sourcing and sustainable manufacturing.

In collaboration with other companies, suppliers, customers, and Canopy, delfort commits to protecting vulnerable and at-risk forests globally.

Canopy x delfort
© Aspen forest in autumn with fall colors of gold, yellow, blue, white, yellow in San Juan NAtional Forest outside of Ouray and Silverton on the Million Dollar Highway.

delfort x Canopy

A key focus of our partnership with Canopy is to advance the conservation of the world’s critical high carbon value (HCS) and biodiverse (HCV) forest ecosystems. delfort steadfastly upholds its policy of responsible fiber procurement, opposing the use of fiber from Ancient and Endangered Forests and habitats of threatened and/or endangered species, as identified in Canopy's ForestMapper.

Aligned with Canopy, delfort pledges to be a vocal advocate for the global conservation of Ancient and Endangered Forests. If we identify any fiber sources containing materials from critical habitats or Ancient and Endangered Forests, or from controversial sources, we are committed to taking decisive action—either independently or collaboratively with our suppliers—to eliminate such fiber from the supply chain or identify alternative sources.

We take pride in being part of this initiative for meaningful change, working with Canopy to advance the conservation of the world’s critical high-carbon value and biodiverse forest ecosystems. We are vocal advocates for the protection of forests, species, and climate, supporting hundreds of like-minded companies in the fight against the degradation and deforestation of Ancient and Endangered Forests.
Martin Zahlbruckner, CEO of delfort

As a preference, we prioritize the utilization of FSCTM certified fibers (FSC-C109921) in our packaging. Our emphasis lies in the production of innovative lightweight specialty papers through design ingenuity. This approach enables us to provide functional solutions that require less material and fewer natural resources.

For more information, please refer to delfort’s Forest Fiber Procurement Policy which can be found here

delfort Corporate Social Responsibility Report

about canopy

Canopy is a solutions-driven not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to protecting forests, species, and climate. Committed to guiding businesses towards better, more sustainable practices, Canopy works collaboratively for positive environmental impact.

Canopy's media release: Brands, Producers, and Innovators Show Love for Forests on Valentine’s Day

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