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Zhejiang Benkert Tipping Paper Co., Ltd


Daqiao Town, Bujiao Road 267
314006 Jiaxing | China
zhejiang benkert

develop, grow & achieve

At benkert china, we not only provide employees with a stable job position, but also meet the needs of employees' development, help employees grow and achieve career development planning. 

Benkert China in a nutshell

  • 60+

  • 40+

    blue collar workers
  • 20+

    white collar workers
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about us

We have a good and safe working environment, a friendly team atmosphere, and a complete welfare system, so that we can get a better sense of belonging and happiness!

As a member of delfort, a multinational group of companies, you can learn and grow every day. Every day is an opportunity!

What our employees say

  • Yan Haigin_quality department manager
    Yan Haigin_quality department manager

    Yan Haiqin, Quality Department Manager

    “I am learning new things every day. That’s great for my personal & professional development!”

  • Chen Xudong_Printing Machine Main Operator
    Chen Xudong_Printing Machine Main Operator

    Chen Xudong, Main Operator Printing Machine

    “I enjoy being here for 16 years now. My job is enjoyable and fulfilling.”

  • Zhou Jicang_Deputy Manager
    Zhou Jicang_Deputy Manager

    Zhou Jicang, Deputy General Manager

    “In 2019, we became a member of delfort. #teamdelfort is a family to me.” 

open jobs

good reasons to work for us

fair remunaration

emergency fund in case of financial hardship

stores – restaurants

coupons & discounts at local stores

flexible work hours

flexible working hours & home office

great onboarding process

warm & welcoming onboarding process

health check ups

free medical check-ups & vaccinations

modern office equipment

modern equipment & adjustable and spacious workplaces

employee festivals

sport events & employee festivals

public transport available

free shuttle service & train station/highway close by


(seasonal) employee presents

100% food

free lunch

shower facilities

showering facilities for sport enthusiasts and bikers

free parking

free parking slots


safe bike and e-bike storage

evolving skills

tailored education & training

parental leave – working days

annual springtime company outing