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sustainable products

Our lightweight papers benefit both our planet and our customers, and they perfectly meet the demands of circular economies: Fewer materials are required to make them, they provide savings in space and transportation, and there is less waste.

protecting forests

responsible pulp sourcing

Wood pulp is the main component of our products and offers a unique, sustainable alternative due to its renewable nature. We work with recognized and reputed certification bodies to provide assurance that our wood pulp is sourced responsibly and transparently.

Forest certification programs and Chain of Custody certification guarantee that our customers can trace the origin of our pulp.

goals 2030

Purchasing wood pulp exclusively from suppliers that are certified through leading, international forest certification programs, such as FSC™ and/or PEFC.

The share of certified wood pulp should be higher than 90%.

We exceeded our sustainability targets in 2022!

  • 100%

    FSC™ and/or PEFC-certified wood pulp suppliers

  • 99%

    share of purchased wood pulp that is FSC™ and/or PEFC-certified

  • 100%

    of our paper mills are certified FSC™ and/or PEFC Chain of Custody (COC)


We are fully committed to zero deforestation or illegal logging by procuring fiber exclusively from responsibly managed sources. We require rigorous tracing practices and documentation of the origin of all pulp. Suppliers must provide evidence that all pulp is sourced from controlled, non-controversial sources in accordance with the FSC™ and/or PEFC. As a specialty paper producer with headquarters in the European Union, we also fully comply with the EU Timber Regulations.

We apply a strict due diligence system (DDS) for sourcing pulp. This is linked to our supplier management framework, which includes a clearly defined process for qualifying pulp suppliers before we start working with them. Our DDS process has been evaluated by auditors of FSC™, PEFC, and the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and is constantly optimized and followed up. 

All our paper mills are certified by FSC™ and/or PEFC Chain of Custody (COC) certification. Our two largest converting facilities in the United States - accounting for nearly 90% of our production in North and Central America – are certified by PEFC Chain of Custody (COC) certification.


responsible product design

There is a growing expectation from consumers, brand owners and retailers that materials used for all kinds of applications must contribute to a circular economy and reduce their impact on the environment. Our specialty paper is ahead with top features such as renewability, recyclability and compostability, the lightness of the material with resulting savings in storage, logistics and GHG emissions.

our commitment

We are committed to delivering more sustainable products and solutions that enable our customers to achieve or exceed their sustainability goals. Hence the reason why delfort has implemented a sustainable framework to ensure that by 2030, all new product development projects will fulfill at least one of the sustainability framework targets.

This makes also nature happy!


We conduct our product development according to specially defined criteria for responsible product design that reflects all stages of the value chain. The parameters comprise four essential steps, starting with raw materials, continuing with efficient production and converting, as well as looking at the end use and disposal.


We use our technology competence to design papers from renewable sources that perform excellently while being fully recyclable and/or


We make use of renewable raw materials that originate from sustainable resources.



Our product design does not end at our factory gates, we also take further processability and converting process into consideration.


During our manufacturing processes, we steadily optimize the use of resources, such as energy, heat, water and raw materials. We invest in energy conservation and renewable energy.

achievements 2022

We are well on track with achieving our goal: in 2022, 76% of our new product developments fulfilled at least one of our sustainability framework criteria.


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