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laboratory analysis & LIP testing paper

Purity and simplicity come together for excellence in analysis and testing with our range of tesorb papers. Produced using deionized water, our papers guarantee exceptional purity, maintaining the integrity of samples from start to finish. 

Our comprehensive range of high-purity papers are meticulously designed for analysis and testing across various industries including industrial labs, medical testing, and soil testing. Our commitment lies in providing you with unparalleled quality and purity, ensuring accurate and reliable results every time. In our tesorb range, you will find papers with different porosity and water absorbency characteristics for various end uses. Let's find the prefect solution for your needs! 

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Tesorb Analysis & Filtration Papers

Our tesorb paper, an extremely pure paper, is manufactured in Tervakoski, Finland. This top-notch analysis and filtration paper is made out of carefully selected raw material, guaranteeing an ultra-pure paper for various testing scenarios.


Chemically clean and free from any dirt or residues that could compromise your results, our specialty paper guarantees flawless performance in tests and analyses.

  • extremely pure paper from clear raw materials
  • no sizing agents or added chemicals, chemically clean
  • only deionized water is used
  • available in sheets, rounds, bobbins and reels. 

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We are specialists in producing laboratory analysis papers for rapid testing and LIP (low ignition propensity) testing papers for smoke laboratories. 

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