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100% responsible pulp suppliers to protect our planet’s forests

From day one, it’s been our promise to produce sustainable paper packaging using the most responsible methods. Every year we push the envelope, making ideals of groundbreaking products and sustainable production a reality. 

We support sustainably managed forestry and ensure a transparent supply chain, as testified by independent environmental, wood and fiber certification institutions. One of our proudest achievements is sourcing exclusively from FSC™  (FSC-C023027) and/or PEFC certified wood suppliers, which we accomplished in 2021 and again in 2022!

delfort partners with Canopy to protect forests
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a greener version of packaging with a smaller carbon footprint

Our goal has always been to produce a greener version of paper with a smaller carbon footprint and environmental impact. There are many significant ways we fulfill this goal, one of which is sustainable pulp sourcing. With wood pulp being a main ingredient, our most ambitious goal is to produce paper while protecting our planet’s forests. Committed to zero deforestation and illegal logging, we procure wood pulp only from suppliers that are certified through leading forest certification programs like FSC™  and/or PEFC. 

supporting sustainable forest management

Such programs safeguard forest health and regeneration through sustainable forest management. For starters, they ensure forest harvesting does not exceed regrowth, and after harvesting, trees are replanted or naturally regenerated. Equally important, the forest’s ecosystem and biodiversity are maintained because it takes a variety of vegetation working together to keep nature in a healthy balance.

Deforestation causes a host of problems for surrounding communities such as desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, and much more, making it difficult or even impossible to live there. Through certified sustainable forest management, people and wildlife can continue to maintain a healthy existence.

Additionally, all our purchased pulp complies with the EU Timber Directive, ensuring no illegally harvested wood or wood products enter the EU market. Plus, all our paper mills are certified by PEFC/FSC™ Chain of Custody (COC) certification, meaning the path of materials from the forest to the final product is traced, verifying certified material is kept separate from non-certified material throughout the entire supply chain.

It’s our belief that these certifications serve as our clients’ best assurance for responsible fiber. They can rest assured that our products are manufactured with the environments’ best interest in mind. From start to finish, we’re doing what it takes to revolutionize paper solutions while protecting our planet’s forests.



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