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barrier papers for packaging with the planet in mind

In our quest to minimize the need for non-renewable materials and to support a circular economy, our scientists are developing lightweight, recyclable and flexible barrier papers for food and non-food packaging. Our barrier papers perform, are sustainable and fit-for-purpose. They are perfected for horizontal and vertical form fill seal packaging applications.



our specialty barrier papers are by nature

  • ultra-light

    Using resources efficiently and not over-packaging goods – that’s the delfort way! Lightweight paper means less raw materials and less weight. That means GHG savings in transport and less space required in storage. 

  • responsible

    Our papers are designed with the circular economy in mind. They are made with renewable and responsible raw materials that are recyclable. We focus on resource-conserving and energy-efficient production to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • high performing

    Our barrier papers are fit for many food and non-food packaging. They can be tailored to be resistant to oxygen, water vapor, grease, flavors and/or mineral oil and is available with heat or cold sealability. 

  • fit-for-purpose

    Different products have different requirements when it comes to food and non-food packaging – there is no one-fits-all solution! We work on a case-by-case basis with our clients to address their specific needs.

we continuously push the boundaries of barrier papers

It is our ambition to reinvent paper by finding the right balance between required functionality and guaranteeing a sustainable end of life of the paper packaging. We do this by optimizing barrier paper properties, reducing material use and predominantly using renewable raw materials

We give papers functionality, such as sealing properties, hygiene and food safety, oxygen permeability, aroma barrier, heat resistance, sealability and grease resistance. Our barrier papers offer sturdiness and strength while being lightweight.

our product portfolio for food and non-food packaging

food and non-food packaging papers

Each type of food or non-food has different packaging and paper barrier property needs. As examples, dry food needs moisture-resistance, while chocolate needs high grease-resistance. For others high transparency or sufficient shelf-life properties are must haves.

We specialize in paper packaging for dry food, fast food, fresh food, dairy, chocolate confectionary, cookies, frozen food, sanitary & cosmetics, diapers & fem care. 

we support brands in transitioning to barrier paper packaging

the planet in mind

Our barrier papers for flexible packaging have excellent prerequisites for a circular economy.

  • delfort joins 4evergreen aliance


    Paper itself as a packaging material needs barriers to make it functional. We develop both base papers and functional coatings that work together and that allow the final product to be easily recycled. 

  • responsible fiber harvesting


    We only work with wood pulp suppliers who are FSC™ (FSC-C109921) and/or PEFC (PEFC//06-33-163) certified. Additionally, are committed to Canopy’s Pack4Good initiative which ensures that no pulp comes from Ancient or Endangered forests.

  • Aerial view of a lake and forest in the morning with mist over the forest in the distant horizon


    Let’s make PFAS forever gone! We have developed groundbreaking PFAS-free solutions offering a range of sustainable, safe, and highly functional packaging papers.

Our partner delfort fills the gap of barrier papers and offers them with a water vapor barrier which works perfectly in use. The fortune cookies from Sweet & Lucky, packed in thinbarrier® 301 from delfort, are a successful step in permanently establishing sustainable paper packaging in the food industry.

scaling up barrier paper packaging expertise

Our R&D experts innovate to balance the optimally protection of the contents, the right barrier function, shelf-life, product safety and processability on existing converting and packaging lines. At the same time, they are maintaining the excellent ecological profile of paper supporting recyclability and/or compostability.

Development from idea to shelf

innovating solutions copy 4

functional barriers 
and base paper


renewable & 

processing, converting

 excellent runnability

Strong in drinks

food safe packaging

fresh fruits

optimized shelf life


small trial production

barrier papers for flexible packaging designed by delfort and delsci
© © Chris Guetl

delfort and research partner delsci have partnered to drive change

Together with our R&D partner delsci we drive development projects forward with agile methods and rapid prototyping in a short time and quickly ramp up to large-scale production. To this end, we established a dedicated a state-of-the-art coating and testing laboratory, run by a team of 20+ ambitious chemists, paper and packaging engineers.

How we design lightweight fit-for-purpose packaging with our R&D partner delsci

fast-track product development

our design principles

We approach new products from a holistic point of view – from idea to final product. It saves you valuable time and resources by identifying potential obstacles and solutions at an early stage. Our capability in our laboratory enables us to pre-test and verify all packaging requirements.

what we look at

our capabilities

barrier paper properties

Each type of food or non-food has different packaging and barrier property needs. As examples, dry food needs moisture-resistance, while chocolate needs high grease-resistance. For others high transparency or sufficient shelf-life properties are must haves.

  • barrier tests including Cobb test, oil test, KIT test, vapor, oxygen and MOSH/MOAH tests
  • rapid prototyping with reel-to-reel coaters
  • shelf-life testing with different products and shelf lifve test method development
  • nutritional services like microbiology analyses, active water testing and tasting panels with external, scientific partners

type of packaging

our capabilities

type of packaging

Our lightweight papers are ideal for pouches, flow packs and bags. Important factors are the flex crack resistance or dead-fold properties of the paper, as well as the type of packaging machine and process.

  • barrier measurements on flat sheets and on folded sheets to draw conclusions on the flex crack resistance (deadfold) of the coatings
  • creation of packaging mock-ups using our own packaging machine
  • reliable sealing performance testing with adhesives or under elevated temperatures with a heat seal




We drive the shift to a circular economy by creating recyclable packaging with functional barriers.

  • Recyclability testing according to the most common standards like PTS-RH 021:2012, Aticelca 501:2019 and the new CEPI method
  • External recyclability/compostability testing by independent institutes such as ISEGA, TÜV Austria




Already in the product development process we check for regulatory hurdles and make sure that the final product complies to all regulatory requirements and law.

  • FDA/BfR
  • Food migration etc 




The processability of the paper on existing machines must be equally good or possible with minor adaptations to the machine.

  • Runnability and sealing performance testing on our own packaging pilot line
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