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delfort & DELSCI open laboratory for paper packaging R&D

We have only scratched the surface of the potential of paper as a packaging material. As part of our mission to revolutionize paper, delfort, and DELSCI have opened a specialized coating laboratory. This new laboratory includes a full range of coating, converting, packaging, and testing equipment.

With such varied equipment, we can now fully support our customers in the development of sustainable paper packaging solutions. For food and non-food – from idea to final product!

delfort delsci coating laboratory

the power of paper as a packaging material 

Paper itself is an important part of the circular economy as it is renewable, recyclable, and compostable. On its own, paper does not provide the necessary barriers against water, vapor, oil, oxygen to be suitable for most food and non-food packaging applications. Thus, special coatings must be applied to the paper surface, partially made from sustainable ingredients.

With the right barriers, the possibilities of fiber-based packaging will continue to increase. This means there will be more and better alternatives to polymer-based packaging materials. Functional and safe coatings are a key to success in reducing plastic waste, increasing recyclability rates, and maximizing the number of renewable materials for packaging.

“DELSCI and delfort want to be at the forefront of this market. Our goal is to develop fiber-based packaging materials which are recyclable, renewable, lightweight, and have a low CO2 footprint.” said Herwig Kirchberger,  Managing Director and Barrier Program Coordinator at DELSCI. “With this new coating laboratory, we will be able to offer more support and options to our customers. In other words, allowing them to make the transition towards fiber-based packaging effectively.”

The market for sustainable packaging is currently growing at super speed. This is due to many regulatory changes such as single use plastic bans, plastic taxes, recyclability targets, and carbon neutrality goals. These changes create a huge incentive and opportunity for companies to switch to more sustainable packaging options.

delfort and delsci coating laboratory

the full range of coating, converting, packaging, and testing equipment

“The challenge is to find the right mix of coating ingredients and technologies to reach the necessary barriers for sufficient shelf-life and to minimize food waste. All this must be achieved while maintaining the paper’s excellent sustainability profile and guaranteeing a good runnability on existing packaging lines” explains Dr. Johannes Zipfel, Managing Director, and Chief Scientist at DELSCI. “With our new coating facility, we have taken a significant step forward in being able to explore and test the opportunities of fiber-based packaging with our clients.”

The new coating facility is unique in many ways. It houses a full range of coating, converting, packaging and testing equipment covering all steps of the R&D and pilot production process. With this facility, we can evaluate many different coating and printing technologies. With this, we can investigate tailormade barrier design for converters and brands. This is essential, specifically for the food industry. This industry is looking for recyclable packaging, for fresh meats and cheeses, chocolate bars, and fast-food wrappers.

The coating facility also houses a packaging center. The installed packaging machines can directly convert coated papers into final packaging. This allows us to study the packaging process and therefore improve the runnability of our coated papers on standard packaging equipment.

RPC outside

supporting customers transition from polymer to paper

We are paving the way for our customers and brands to make the switch towards more sustainable packaging solutions. We support the R&D process of our clients in the areas of coating, converting, packaging, and testing. We do this with a focus on high-level runnability, functionality, and recyclability. New packaging designs can be prototyped and tested before being launched on a large scale.

Brands will benefit by having more sustainable and circular paper options. It will be easier for them to replace existing fossil-based packaging with fiber-based solutions.

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