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We provide our employees with good working conditions to support their well-being and endorse a corporate culture characterized by open-mindedness, considerate cooperation, personal success and development. The diversity and variety of our team promotes the quality of our business decisions and contributes to the robustness of our company. A shared value base between employer and employees strengthens our business results and enhances the way our company is perceived externally.


health & safety

The health and well-being of our employees are basic prerequisites for the long-term success and growth of our whole organization. To prevent accidents we apply the precautionary principle and do everything to maintain zero fatalities and achieve no work-related injuries on all sites.

Performance 2022

  • 0

    fatalities since the establishment of the company in 2006
  • 255

    Safety Awareness Talks per 1,000 employees
  • 12%

    reduction of work-related injuries (A1+A2 accidents) per 1,000,000 hours worked compared to 2021


delfort has implemented an occupational health and safety management system based on globally uniform guidelines and processes for risk prevention, leadership culture, involvement of every co-worker, effective communication and risk management according to ISO 45001. Our global Health and Safety Policy is applicable for all sites, every delfort employee, and all visitors and sub-contractors onsite.


Health and safety are a management responsibility throughout the delfort hierarchy. Each manager  is responsible for occupational safety in their supervisory area. Additionally, we have dedicated work safety managers and safety trust persons on all our sites. 100% of employees are represented in formal, joint management-worker health and safety committees and at regular European Works Council meetings.

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SATs are an important method to prevent accidents. They are already implemented on all our sites and for all employees. These talks are 5–10-minute discussions between two employees, regardless of hierarchy, location or department. The SATs aim to raise awareness of risks through face-to-face conversations and to share safety measures.

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We monitor and document all incidents, including safety observations, near misses and injuries. They are then followed up by the respective heads of department, and corrective action is taken to prevent recurrence. Learnings are shared via our global health and work safety team in monthly meetings.

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fair employment

We give fair, equal and rewarding employment opportunities to our high-performing workforce, allowing people to utilize their individual talents and strengths. We want to ensure that our employees stay healthy and are satisfied with their job, and we want to inspire them to unlock their full potential. 

our working practices

We are committed to ensuring a culture of open feedback, behaving in a fair manner and respecting the fundamental human rights of all people within our company, across our supply chains and in the communities in which we operate.

  • Delfort_Dunafin_HU_DSC6775_low res

    benefits for delfort employees

    We want to value our employees and attract new talents to join #teamdelfort. Benefits include above others a competitive wage structure, health care, disability coverage, retirement provision and work-family balance models.

  • Delfort_Traun_PM3_Herr_Kienast

    let’s talk: personal development review

    As a central tool for promoting appreciative and supportive collaboration, Let’s Talk is based on structured feedback meetings that improve relationships between superiors and their employees.

  • Delfort_Dunafin_HU_48310_low res

    freedom of association on all our sites

    We are glad of our good relationship with workers’ organizations. We promote
    freedom of association and appreciate high employee loyalty, labor peace and
    constructive cooperation. 12 out of our 13 locations are covered by collective bargaining agreements. Our Chinese site determines its own terms of employment based on collective bargaining agreements.

  • DELFORT_Vietnam_25A4200

    labor rights, human rights and diversity

    The diversity of our team contributes to the robustness of our company. We are committed to behaving in a fair manner. Our Labor and Human Rights Policy defines the strictest standards to which we adhere.

  • Olsany_OPPapirna_DN_5546

    we support the development of our employees

    Our culture is characterized by strong motivation and high performance. The delfort training program and succession planning support long-term employment and enable our employees to succeed.

  • 20220428-Delfort-29_low res

    compliance with our policies and working practices

    If employees identify improvement potential or a policy violation, they can report it to their supervisor, the legal department, or anonymously via the whistleblower hotline. 

diversity, equality and inclusion policy

our diversity, equality and inclusion policy

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developing talents

Vast yet specific knowledge is essential for driving the development of sustainable paper products. A solid talent pool within the company creates successors for key positions in the future. We train and develop our employees across all levels to leverage a highly skilled workforce and satisfying work environment.

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave
is not training them and having them stay.
Henry Ford

well-trained employees

It is our ambition to ensure our employees understand the role they play in the delivery of our products and services, and to inspire them to perform at their best every day.

The paper manufacturing industry is highly specialized and requires specially tailored training. Within our delfort training program, a variety of customized courses are available around the globe. They satisfy the training demands for all relevant professions and are available for different management and knowledge levels.

For example:

  • Driving for Excellence program
  • International trainee program
  • Project management training
  • Lean management training

learning and team building

In 2022, members of delfort’s 4th Driving for Excellence Program were able to play with their artistic side after a guided tour.

Driving leadership culture within the company has always been a priority at delfort. Past year’s program welcomed 17 young leaders from our global mills and offices to expand their leadership and management knowledge.

  • 91%

    of our apprentices became permanent employees

  • 39,000

    hours of training worldwide

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