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The requirements for paper packaging solutions are diverse, there is no one-size-fits-all solution! That’s why we work closely with our R&D partner delsci, converters and brands to develop tailor-made solutions. The type of barrier depends on what is being packaged and what requirements these products have with regard to packing, transport, storage and use. 

Barrier papers are successfully securing their place in the food and non-food packaging markets and are here to stay, establishing themselves as a viable substitute for non-renewable and hard-to-recycle packaging. Categorizing barrier paper packaging by functional requirements is our strategic approach that greatly simplifies and streamlines our paper packaging development process. We take a holistic and systemic product design approach and assign new developments to one of four barrier clusters, ranging from low to high barrier requirements.

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meeting diverse product requirements through clustering

By clearly defining the primary functions the packaging must fulfill, we can better determine which materials and techniques are necessary to develop optimized paper packaging solutions. While each category has unique requirements, all our barrier papers have the following in common:

  • Lightweight base paper below 70 gsm
  • Recyclability according to PTS and CEPI method
  • Excellent printability with flexographic and gravure technology
  • Excellent runnability on state-of-the-art packaging lines
  • Made with FSC™(FSC-C109921) and/or PEFC certified (PFC/06-33-163) pulp
  • PFAS-free and OBA-free

clusters ensure the right materials and technologies are applied

Barrier papers require different coating recipes and application methods, both on paper machines and on offline coating aggregates, for the respective application. Categorization helps in selecting the most appropriate materials and technologies for the end use. Our expertise lies in developing barrier packaging papers that have the following properties:

  • Oil and grease resistance and mineral oil barrier (MOSH, MOAH)
  • Water and water vapor barrier
  • Oxygen, gas, and aroma barriers
  • Sealing performance (hot, cold)
  • Food compliance (if required)
  • Optical and transparency requirements
  • Shelf-life requirements

Our innovations and investments in material science and coatings have allowed us to expand into medium and high-barrier applications such as chocolates and sweets, dry foods, and personal care and household items. By identifying which functions are essential and which are less critical, we can reduce over-engineered packaging and optimize the environmental footprint of packaging.

clustering barrier papers for sustainable packaging solutions

Depending on the application and requirements we categorized barrier packaging into one of four clusters: low barrier (cluster 1), medium barrier (cluster 2), high barrier (cluster 3) or super barrier (cluster 4).

cluster 1

Barrier papers in this cluster are well-suited for food applications with short shelf lives, secondary packaging and non-food applications such as toys and wearables. Papers in this cluster are available in high transparency, allowing for the easy identification of items inside and easy barcode scanning. Thanks to ultra-thin coatings, these papers can be easily converted into heat-sealable bags and pouches making them a great alternative to PE films and transparent plastic bags.

cluster 2

Barrier papers in this cluster are especially suitable for whole milk chocolates, cereals, frozen foods, and hygiene products. Products such as chocolate bars, pasta, rice, frozen bread, diapers and fem care products often fit into cluster 2. These products require an excellent oil and grease resistance, moderate moisture barrier, often a good mineral oil barrier, high impact strength and a shelf life in the range of 6-9 months. Products are typically hermetically closed using a heat but also cold seal.

cluster 3

In this cluster, barrier papers are designed for products with longer shelf lives that require a combined sophisticated level of one or more of the following: moisture barrier, oxygen barrier, aroma barrier, oil and grease barrier and flex-crack resistance. The papers in this cluster are suitable for filled chocolate, muesli bars, crackers, tea and dry pet food.

cluster 4

This final cluster is for applications that require the most demanding and complex barrier properties. This is the most challenging cluster for our lightweight papers that require minimal amounts of coating to meet strict recycling requirements. The landscape of packaging materials is rapidly evolving with new developments in knowledge and technology allowing for more demanding applications to be packaged in paper. Along with our R&D partner delsci, we are breaking barriers to push the limits of what lightweight barrier papers can achieve. Products in this category include cheese, pet food, coffee, potato chips and other products that require the utilization of a modified atmosphere (like carbon dioxide or nitrogen) in the package (MAP) to extend the shelf-life and enhance product safety.

join us in giving paper superpowers

At delfort and delsci, we trust that paper holds the key to unlocking a greener tomorrow, and we're committed to driving this evolution forward. With our specialized expertise and deep knowledge in the field, we're not just your partners; we're your catalysts for change, your collaborators in innovation. Contact us for a consultation on how we can support your company in the transition to sustainable packaging and let's find the perfect paper packaging solutions for your needs!

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deslci is a research organization that invents smart paper packaging solutions for food and consumer goods applications. We're a team of scientists and technologists on a mission to empower people to consumer responsibly. This means replacing plastic (wherever possible) with functional paper that works harder than ever before and helps protect the environment.

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