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fast-track new packaging development with quick & agile testing

We support brands and converters in new packaging development! See your ideas transform into high-performing packaging with our range of in-house testing, faster development cycles and tailored solutions. As an experienced development partner for our customers, we offer a unique level of personalized testing, flexibility and agility thanks to our in-house knowledge and capabilities. Our holistic approach - from idea to final product - saves our customers valuable time and resources by identifying potential obstacles and solutions at an early stage. 

We are pushing the boundaries of paper packaging, along with our research and development partner DELSCI, with a state-of-the-art coating and testing laboratory. Our chemists, paper technicians and engineers, coating specialists and packaging technicians help our customers drive the future of functional paper packaging. Overall, having an in-house Rapid Prototyping Center empowers us to deliver faster, cost-effective, and market-proven solutions while ensuring packaging materials' quality and environmental sustainability. 

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in-house recyclability testing for new packaging development

The recyclability and compliance of our barrier papers is at the core of our design process. With our in-house testing facilities, we can evaluate the recyclability performance of barrier papers according to state-of-the-art methods and make adjustments at every stage of the development process. 

With a full range of paper recycling equipment in our Rapid Prototyping Center, we can quickly evaluate recyclability according to the most common standards like PTS-RH 021:2012, Aticelca 501:2019 and the new CEPI method.

In addition to our laboratory being PTS (Papiertechnische Stiftung) qualified, we have recyclability experts working in our lab who are trained by PTS on all aspects of current and future recyclability topics.

Businesses that partner with us can be assured that we will work closely with them to produce quality packaging that is recyclable in the markets where they operate
Herwig Kirchberger, managing Director at DESLCI.

In addition to recyclability testing, we offer our clients a wide range of other services including:

  • barrier measurements on flat sheets and on folded sheets to draw conclusions on the crack resistance (deadfold) of the coatings
  • barrier tests including Cobb test, oil test, KIT test, vapor, oxygen and MOSH/MOAH tests
  • rapid prototyping with reel-to-reel coaters
  • runnability testing on conventional packaging lines
  • reliable sealing performance testing with adhesives or under elevated temperatures with a heat seal
  • creation of packaging mock-ups using our own HFFS packaging machine
  • maximizing cycle times, ensuring tight sealings, and minimizing the mechanical impact of machine components on our barriers
  • verifying the quality of the products after the shelf-life duration
  • provide nutritional services like microbiology analyses, active water testing and tasting panels
  • expanding the developed solutions to an industrial level
  • shelf life testing with different products and shelf live test method development

the competitive edge for new packaging development with our coating and testing laboratory

  • Faster Development Cycle

    By having a dedicated testing facility, we can accelerate the product development cycle. Internal recyclability tests save time and reduce delays. This enables us to iterate and refine products more swiftly, meeting client requirements and market demands faster.

  • Innovation and Differentiation

    The ability to test new product ideas and concepts in-house empowers us to drive innovation in the market. We explore and experiment with various coatings, materials and designs while continuously evaluating their recyclability.

  • Enhanced Collaboration

    We invite clients to be involved in the testing process, providing them with insights and data on recyclability performance. Collaborative testing not only strengthens client relationships but also allows for co-creation and mutual problem-solving, leading to improved products and stronger partnerships.

We are here to support companies looking for functional and sustainable packaging solutions. If we don’t already have the perfect solution for you, we will work together with you to develop it - we love a challenge!  

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Kirchberger Herwig, Managing Director · DELSCI  I  +43 7229 776-552

about delsci

delsci is a research organization that invents smart paper packaging solutions for food and consumer goods applications. We’re a team of scientists and technologists on a mission to empower people to consume responsibly. This means replacing plastic (wherever possible) with functional paper that works harder than ever before and helps protect the environment and keeps our oceans free of plastic.

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