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tesorb analysis & filtration paper

You need a continuous supply of top-notch analysis & filtration paper? What you need is tesorb, an extremely pure paper perfectly manufactured for filtration, analysis and laboratory applications. This special grade is produced in our paper mill in Tervakoski, Finland.

We manufacture tesorb products utilizing deionized process water and carefully selected raw materials to guarantee an ultra-pure paper with high α-cellulose content and consistent performance.


Made from 100% cotton linters, our tailored solutions come in 80 – 300 g/m² with low ash content and high absorbency and porosity. tesorb products are quality products and are available in flexible sheet sizes - also in rounds, bobbins, and reels - and no sizing, fillers, or bindings are applied. delfort tervakoski is ISO14001 certified and committed to prioritizing environmental practices in line with delfort’s ambitious sustainability goals.


Our qualified industry experts collaborate with you to develop your perfect solution. Take advantage of our scientists and in-house labs to customize your ideal paper for:

  • rapid test strips
  • asthma inhalers
  • laboratory filters
  • analyze purposes
  • pulp and paper laboratories

As a long-serving market leader in the production of specialty papers, we have the flexibility and expertise to provide this extremely pure analysis & filtration paper tailored to your needs.


For information on our Tervakoski Finland location

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