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Electrical Insulation Paper

over 100 years of electrical insulation paper

Electricity and paper: not a combination that immediately comes to mind. However, through our process of creative collaboration, we have created vital partnerships within the energy sector, which means delfort specialty paper is helping to power your future!

At delfort, we provide highly functional electrical insulation solutions. In 2021, we celebrate 100 years of being among the leading manufacturers of electrical paper. Backed by more than 100 years of experience, our top-quality paper is of the highest grade and can be applied in the most demanding high-voltage environments.

quality solutions customized for clients

We offer a wide variety of insulation papers and electrical solutions. Each paper is crafted with the combination of our long-term experience and the finest raw materials. Moreover, we have implemented a flexible production mechanism so that we can create an extensive range of specialty papers that are designed according to the individual needs of our clients. It is a process that guarantees high-quality paper with a purity that is on the forefront of innovation. Thus, our electrical paper is designed to be an enhancement of productivity – paper with high quality that improves machine uptime.


a key supplier

As a key supplier of electrical paper solutions, we have seen our specialty paper play an integral role in insulating cables, particularly those that are submerged or underground. By creating a paper with exemplary purity and quality, we see our papers being used up to the highest voltage levels in both transformers and cables. Our extensive experience and an excellent track record ensure our specialty papers are the right solution for electrical applications.


powering the future together

As with all our products, we place an emphasis on sustainable solutions, hence our position on the forefront of ecological innovation. This is achieved through our principle of creative collaboration, the notion that together we can achieve something better.


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