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Protecting goods in the supply chain does not have to come at the expense of the environment. As millions of poly bags from supply chains add to the global waste and pollution crisis, we searched for and created a better alternative. The solution is clear, thinwrap® papers! These lightweight specialty papers are transparent. Plus, they protect items from humidity, moisture, dust, and UV rays during transport.


Circular by nature, our thinwrap® papers offer an innovative and unique alternative to conventional plastic bags, without compromising on the features you love. High quality and versatility make thinwrap® a functional and sustainable option. The specialty papers can be used for logistics, retail, fashion, eCommerce, grocery, and more.

We spoke to Segment Manager of Flexible Packaging Nicola Baldassarre who works with some of the biggest names in fashion and retail. Keep reading to see why now is the perfect moment for paper. 


Nicola Baldassarre

Segment Manager Flex Pack Non-Food

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More and more companies are saying goodbye to plastic and hello to paper. Why is that?

The strongest emerging packaging trend is undoubtedly the circular economy. Sustainability is an economic driver for companies. Many consumers prefer to buy products from brands that support the environment.

Big brands are searching for three things when they look to make the transition to paper bags. They want a solution that is renewable, recyclable, and part of a responsibly managed supply chain. Our specialty paper thinwrap® meets all three of these criteria. It is responsibly made with fibers from sustainably managed forests from PFEC and/or FSCTM (FSC-C109921) certified suppliers.

We work closely with a global network of logistic companies, converters, and brands to replace single-use plastic bags with bags made from our specialty paper.

"We are very proud of our innovative spirit and the cross-disciplinary expertise of our colleagues. With thinwrap®, the transition to renewable paper bags in the supply chain is now possible!"

What type of items can bags made from paper be used for?


In addition to the sustainability benefits, thinwrap® was designed to be functional. For this reason, it is versatile and can be used in many different industries. It’s designed with the well-being of people and the planet in mind, without harmful chemicals. No PFAS, no allergens, and no GMOs. For this reason, in addition to being certified food-safe, thinwrap® can be used in both the food and non-food industries. It is used for apparel and fashion, books and magazines, toys and electronics, and fruits and vegetables; just to name a few! 


You mentioned that paper for bags must be functional. What type of functional aspects are companies looking for in paper for bags?


As far as functionality, the most important thing for clients is that the paper is transparent. Paper that is transparent, durable, and tear-resistant is quite new. It's extremely important for the logistics and retail markets. By combining our expertise, agile product development, and close collaboration with clients we were able to develop such a specialty paper. With a transparent paper like thinwrap®, you can easily see what is in the bag and you can easily scan barcodes. Plus, our paper boasts exceptional lightness, resistance to moisture, excellent printability, a high level of tension and tear resistance, and sturdiness - it’s a game-changer!

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Do you see a future where it’s possible to replace all non-renewable fossil-based packaging from the supply chain with renewable responsible packaging?


In my opinion yes! The interest in doing so is higher than ever before. We at delfort are continuously investing in research and development. We recently opened a new coating laboratory with our research and development partners DELSCI. We are very proud of our innovative spirit and the cross-disciplinary expertise of our colleagues.

With thinwrap®, the transition to renewable paper bags in the supply chain is now possible!


certified compostable

If you're looking for a compostable solution then you'll love our transparent papers! Our thinwrap® transparent SC WS and thinwrap® transparent SC have both OK Compost home and OK Compost Industrial certifications.


Join the paper revolution with thinwrap®

Remove single-use plastic bags from your stores and supply chain by switching to lightweight fiber-based thinwrap® paper for bags and wrapping. Contact us today at and be part of the paper revolution! 

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