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transparent paper for tissue and napkin packaging

For companies looking to switch to transparent paper for tissue and napkin packaging – it’s now possible! Meet thinwrap® transparent paper packaging for tissues and napkins. It's a great alternative to fossil-based non-paper wrappings and bags. The lightweight transparent paper can be heat-sealed, and runs smoothly on existing machines, as tested with Senning, a well-known supplier of machines for packing napkins and tissues.

In recent years there has been an increasing demand for paper-based packaging solutions, such as the request that launched the collaboration between delfort and Senning. delfort provided test reels and Senning carried out the first runs on their SE660 D packaging line. The result was very promising, the paper could easily be converted on the packaging machine. The collaboration proved the runnability of the specialty paper. Thus, providing the market with a highly functional heat-sealable fibre-based packaging solution for tissues and napkins. 

transparent paper is used for packaging tissues and napkins
“delfort’s thinwrap® transparent paper runs seamlessly on our machines and can be efficiently heat-sealed without any further hot melt application system. Brands can benefit from key success factors such as yield high production efficiency, reliability and uptime, high throughput, packaging quality and flexibility with short change-over times.”
- Martin Buschmann, Senior Sales Manager at SENNING

high-performing! tried and tested lightweight transparent heat-sealable papers

Senning has tested thinwrap® transparent to ensure that the quality meets several criteria. The paper performed optimally in terms of:

  • Overall runnability of the paper through the machine
  • Good folding characteristics, especially no cracking in the fold at the corner and good folding on the sides
  • Transparency so that the prints and colors can be easily seen through the packaging
  • Good sealing properties, also through several layers
  • Paper strength such that the packets do not burst. thinwrap® transparent offers excellent product protection, including a high grade of tension and tear resistance
  • Suitable for flexographic, gravure, and off-set printing, thinwrap® transparent is the perfect material for printing attractive designs that catch the eye of customers
  • Made from chlorine-free virgin fibers from FSC™ (FSC-C109921) and/or PEFC (PEFC/06-33-163) certified and controlled pulp
  • Our paper is luxurious to the touch, creating a pleasant and positive end-user experience
  • thinwrap® transparent is TÜV OK HOME Compostable
“Our goal is to have paper run seamlessly on packaging machines. Therefore, test runs with machine producers are crucial for us to understand in more detail the converting processes and how to design our paper for excellent runnability for the respective application.”
– Michaela Schreibmeier, Senior Business Development Manager at delfort
members of delfort and Senning meet at an event to showcase the successful converstoin of transparent paper into packaging for tissues and napkins

From left to right: Fortunato Staropoli, Sales Director at delfort. Martin Buschmann, Technical Sales Manager, SENNING. Michaela Schreibmeier, Senior Business Development Manager at delfort. Dennis Domnick, Senior Service Account Manager, SENNING. At the 2023 MIAC Fair Review in Lucca, Italy

beyond napkins and tissues

Remove non-renewable bags and packaging from your stores and supply chain by switching to delfort’s specialty papers. They can be used for many items across several industries, as primary or secondary packaging.

transparent paper can be used to package a wide variety of items such as toys, e-commerce items, gifts and retail items and clothing and accessories

about Senning

Senning implements packaging machines for tissues, napkins, facial tissues, towels and non-woven products with the highest precision, with a variable range of services and tailor-made solutions for customers' specific needs. Their know-how is the result of decades of global experience in the sector. The collaborative, competent development work with their customers ensures constant technological progress. Learn more


collaborating for sustainable packaging solutions

thinwrap® transparent was tested on Senning’s SE 660 D packaging machine. Our experts are ready to make your transition to paper as easy as possible. Contact us today to learn more!


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