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compostable packaging

certified compostable! compostable packaging papers

Companies are increasingly tackling the challenges around single-use packaging waste, much of which ends up in landfills or is incinerated. It is also a challenge to recycle paper packaging with food residue. Thankfully there is a solution, organic recycling, in the form of compostable packaging papers. As part of our commitment to providing the market with quality products that are kind to nature, we have received OK compost INDUSTRIAL and OK compost HOME certifications for several products. 

We consider the end-of-life scenario of our paper solutions right from the start of the design phase and have our products tested by external certification bodies. The result is a full assortment of functional and certified compostable packaging papers. We are proud to offer our customers functional and compostable paper-based solutions. 

compostable paper packaging

the benefits of compostable packaging

Compostable products can disintegrate into non-ecotoxic, natural elements within a specified time. They require microorganisms, humidity, and heat to yield a finished compost product. Under the right conditions, compostable items will decompose into CO2, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass. Compostable packaging can be disposed of together with food residues, so there's no need to sort it.

There are many benefits of compostable packaging including:

  • Diverts organic waste from landfills
  • Made from plant-based, renewable materials
  • Reduces dependency on fossil fuels
  • Can be converted into nutrient-rich compost
  • Reduces methane emissions from landfills
  • Lowers carbon footprint


requirements for compostable packaging

In order to receive OK compost INDUSTRIAL and OK compost HOME certifications, our specialty paper packaging has been tested against four requirements:

Biodegradation: The ability of organic substances and materials to break down into simpler substances through the action of enzymes from microorganisms. The timeframe for the industrial compostable certification is 90% biodegradation in 6 months. For home composting, the time frame is 90% biodegradation in 12 months.

Disintegration: Measures whether the material breaks down and falls apart. The result is considered positive if the material cannot be distinguished from the compost at the end of the test.

Ecotoxicity: An important consideration at the end of a product’s life is to assess the toxicity of materials that may come into contact with the environment. Ecotoxicological properties are evaluated by examining the effect of compost on plant growth.

Chemical Characteristics: Heavy metals and fluorine need to be quantified to assure that the material will have no negative effect on the quality of the end product (compost).


recently certified compostable packaging solutions

The following products have recently received OK Compost INDUSTRIAL and OK Compost HOME certifications from TÜV Austria, an independent, leading and international testing, inspection, and certification company.

Burger wrapped in delfort food wrapping paper

wrapping papers for on-the-go foods like hamburgers, cheeseburgers, wraps, pitas, and sandwiches.

thinbarrier® eco fit
thinbarrier® nature eco fit

for more information please contact:

US and Canada:

other countries:

thinbarrier® eco fit is also certified compostable by the Composting Manufacturing Alliance (CMA). Learn more: thinbarrier® eco FIT certified compostable packaging by CMA

baking paper dough

baking papers for high-temperature cooking, baking, frying, and grilling

  • thinbake® nature pro, nature fit, nature x-fit, nature s1s, pro, fit, x-fit, premium, and s1s

for more information please contact:

delfort makes baking easy for your business! We have created the perfect baking papers for businesses who seek professional quality with minimum hassle. Learn more: thinbake® range makes baking easy for your business

delfort_fibrestraw_and packaging_cold_drinks

base paper for straws

fibrestraw® WS paper

for more information please contact:

Compliant and safe products are essential! We have made a commitment that any substance of concern is absent from our fibrestraw® WS paper, that we obtain all mandatory EU certifications, and that we are audited regularly against these requirements by independent qualified certifying bodies. Learn more: delfort signs Charter of Trust for Paper Drinking Straws

paper for fashion bags

transparent lightweight paper for fashion and supply chain bags

thinwrap® transparent SC 
thinwrap® transparent SC WS

for more information please contact:

Circular by nature, our thinwrap® transparent papers offer an innovative and unique alternative to conventional plastic bags, without compromising on the features you love. High quality and versatility make thinwrap® a functional and sustainable option. Learn more: transparent paper for bags, it’s a game changer!


ensuring your product is truly compostable

With the TÜV Austria OK Compostability certifications, our customers are assured that our certified products meet strict specifications.

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Industrial Composting

Industrial composting is large-scale composting which is designed to handle a high volume of organic waste. This type of composting can deal with a broader range of compostable products and operates in a highly controlled setting with specific temperatures and conditions. All products featuring the OK compost INDUSTRIAL logo are tested according to the harmonized EN 13432 standard and additionally comply with the requirements of the EU Packaging Directive (94/62/ECC).

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Home Composting

Home composting is performed on a much smaller scale often by individuals. This type of composting occurs at a much lower temperature and over a longer time than industrial composting. Items certified to be home compostable will break down in a backyard compost pile at ambient temperature and in a natural microbial environment in a set amount of time.

Learn more about TÜV Austria’s composting certifications:

collaborating to bring compostable packaging to the market

By leveraging collaboration along the supply chain, we are able to provide high-quality products that respect nature to the market. A special thank you to our raw material suppliers that supported us in these certification processes by conducting ecotoxicity and material characterization testing and reporting. Your contributions played an important role in attaining these certifications. 

We will continue to work closely together with our suppliers to bring functional and compostable packaging options to the market.