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QSR and fast food packaging papers thinbarrier

hungry for change? sustainable QSR food wrapping

Achieving sustainability goals while increasing customers’ satisfaction - that's a winning strategy! You'll love our environmentally friendly and highly functional range of thinbarrier® eco QSR food wrapping papers! They are versatile and offer limitless packaging potential for everyone’s favorite bites. 

Recent years have seen a surge in demand for food delivery and takeaway food. As a result, more food packaging is being used now than ever before! Therefore, using smart packaging - that which is lightweight, sustainable, and functional has become essential. 

QSR food wrapping paper

smart packaging that is functional and sustainable

Our thinbarrier® eco range is a line of environmentally friendly fiber-based packaging with ecological barriers for the food industry. It's the perfect solution for packaging hamburgers, wraps, sandwiches, and french fries. Good for people and the planet, our sustainable papers were developed following three main principles: 

  • Renewable: we use fibers from sustainably managed forests. We only work with PEFC and/or FSC™ certified (FSC-C109921) suppliers.
  • Circular design: we always keep the product's end-of-life in mind. Our papers are designed for recyclability, (where suitable recycling programs are available) and / or compostability.
  • PFAS-free: we stay away from harmful chemicals and additives. There are no ingredients you are going to miss: no PFAs, no allergens, and no GMOs.

Our lightweight thinbarrier® eco papers are grease resistant and moisture controlled. That means customers can enjoy foods that are warm, not soggy, with clean fingers. 

Every minute that we at delfort spend on our sustainability vision is an investment to support our customers in their green journey.

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