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empower people

Our organization is not only made up of processes and products, but of people and purpose. We seek to continuously improve ourselves. However, improvement can only be achieved when we expand our way of developing and nurturing the people who make our products and business succeed.


health & safety

We want to prevent accidents and illnesses from happening, so we take responsibility for the health and safety of our employees every single day. For this reason, we steadily improve and renew our prevention programs, supported by industry-leading methods and dedicated safety experts.


We provide a safe, healthy, and supportive working environment and continuously invest in safety initiatives beyond statutory minimum requirements.

Goals 2030

Zero fatalities and no Lost Time Accidents (LTA) at all sites.


Safety Awareness Talks effective at all sites.

  • 0

    fatalities since the establishment of the company in 2006

  • 255

    Safety Awareness Talks per 1,000 employees

  • 12%

    reduction of high-consequence work-related injuries (A1+A2 accidents, excl. fatalities) per 1,000,000 hours worked compared to 2021.


We at delfort operate on the basis of globally uniform guidelines for risk prevention. Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy serves as overarching, internationally valid group regulation. It is based on international standards – such as ISO 45001 - and national laws to emphasize the managers’ obligation to act responsibly. However, health and safety also underscores the employees’ own responsibility. Every worker is involved in a safety network with the responsibility of creating a positive safety culture. Therefore, we engage our workforce in the development, implementation, and execution of appropriate management systems and programs.

delfort’s safety culture is based on three columns: our line-system, our safety awareness talks, and assessment.


Occupational health and safety is a management responsibility throughout the hierarchy of the entire organization. Roles are clearly defined – each manager is responsible for occupational safety in their supervisory and functional area. In all mills, we have dedicated work safety managers representing workers at each site. 100% of employees are represented in formal, joint management-worker health and safety committees and at biannual European Works Council meetings.



delfort has also started Safety Awareness Talks (SATs) in all our locations. These are 5-10-minute face-to-face conversations between two employees, regardless of hierarchy, mill or department. The SATs are aimed at increasing the awareness of risks by personal face-to-face conversation and exchanging safety actions. 



We use the work and safety assessments as a medium to document, evaluate and learn from potential risks to be able to prevent accidents. Near misses are collected and analyzed for accountability and improvement. This provides us with the opportunity to learn from best practices, define improvements, and implement purposeful corrective action.


fair employment

delfort is a great place to work and an employer of choice for top talents. Employees can expect trust-based relationships, compensation and benefits, and a stable workplace environment. We strive to go beyond legal requirements, offering fair, equal, and rewarding employment.


We give fair, equal, and rewarding employment opportunities to our high-performing, diverse workforce, allowing people to utilize their individual talents and strengths.


being a desired employer

  • Delfort_Traun_PM3_Herr_Kienast

    let’s talk performance review

    With creating and implementing a continuous two-way dialog, we are promoting respect and self-worth in an inspirational work environment. We have made it a goal for 2030 to make annual Let’s talk sessions accessible to every employee at all facilities.

  • DELFORT_Vietnam_25A4200

    human rights and diversity

    We welcome diversity because we are convinced that a wealth of perspectives and individual experience is our strength to build on. We respect human rights, offer fair jobs for all, and enable inclusive, diverse workplaces.

  • DELFORT_Vietnam_25A5247

    talents development

    We actively promote career mobility and offer our employees the opportunity to advance through internal and external development programs, as well as on-the-job trainings.

  • Delfort_tervakoski__DSC7942

    compensation & benefits

    We want to attract, retain and value our employees through benefits such as competitive wage structures, health care, disability coverage, retirement provision and work-family balance models, sponsored health check ups and free fitness classes.

Man reaching summit after climbing and hiking enjoying freedom and looking towards mountains silhouettes panorama during sunrise.

developing talents

At delfort, we champion creativity and collaboration. We welcome individuals who are trailblazers that move forward in the spirit of innovation at delfort. In turn, every employee can expect comprehensive training and professional development programs to reach their full potential. Global training programs and development opportunities await our employees throughout their career at delfort.


We train and develop our employees across all levels to leverage a highly skilled workforce.

  • 39,000

    of training hours worldwide

  • 85%

    of all employees took part in at least one training session


investing into long-life learning

We equip our employees with a variety of customized trainings and courses globally. These programs cover all professions within delfort and are tailored to different hierarchies and knowledge levels.

  • Driving for Excellence program
  • International trainee program
  • Project management training
  • Lean management training

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