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secure business

Conducting a responsible business must take the full value chain into consideration, including upstream and downstream of our operations. This does not only include the right quality and cost structure, but also focuses on a secure, sustainable and responsible sourcing policy.

aerial view on freight container distribution center

responsible sourcing

Responsible supply chain management encompasses a host of benefits that include financial, social and, of course, environmental aspects. We work closely with our suppliers, who share our vision of building upon principles of ethics, integrity, respect for people and the environment. This is how we guarantee efficiency, compliance, and responsible product solutions.


We build prosperous, value-driven procurement practices to manage business risks, improve the supply chain, and create the most advanced solutions for our customers.

goal 2030

80% of delfort’s raw materials (pulp, fillers, chemicals) and packaging spend shall be qualified against delfort’s supplier management framework.

  • 84%

    of supplier spends signed our Supplier Code of Conduct

  • 88%

    of supplier spends qualified against our Supplier Risk Evaluation

  • 91%

    of supplier spends qualified against our Supplier Performance Evaluation


At delfort, we want to work with suppliers who share our principles of ethics, integrity, and respect for people and our environment. We work with around 4,500 suppliers in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa, which increases the complexity, scale, and diversity of our supply chain. However, 92% of our suppliers are located in Europe and must follow strict legislative standards that ensure fair and safe working conditions and environmental standards.

To manage responsible sourcing within our group in a structured manner, we have established our Supplier Management Framework, which is built on three fundamental management practices: A Supplier Code of Conduct, a Supplier Risk Evaluation, and a thorough Supplier Performance Evaluation.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct reflects the standards and business practices that we expect from all our suppliers encompassing the areas of Business Integrity, Labor Standards, Quality, Health & Safety of People and Products, Environment & Sustainability, and Management Practices. We require suppliers to promote the same principles in their own supply chains, irrespective of the jurisdiction in which they operate and the applicable laws.

Supplier Risk Evaluation

At delfort, we conduct a 2-step auditing procedure. Our suppliers are required to fill out a survey for self-assessment before receiving a team of technicians, quality assurance agents, and purchasers from delfort for an on-site visit. Additionally, we use an internal risk evaluation matrix that enables us to identify risk factors. If we recognize improvement areas, we collaborate with the supplier to find solutions for necessary changes and corrective actions.

Supplier Performance Evaluation

At least once a year, we evaluate whether our most important suppliers comply with our defined criteria. For this, we use our specially developed vendor evaluation system, which categorizes vendors into three performance grades. If any non-conformities are discovered, the supplier is required to take corrective measures, which we closely monitor.