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employee spotlight: delfort international trainee program

What is our strategy for obtaining highly qualified personnel? We train them ourselves! Lasting 18 months, our International Trainee Program is designed to give driven, talented recruits a general orientation of the paper industry. At the same time, we enable them to gain in-depth experience in a desired area of expertise.

We provide all the tools our trainees need to explore a function within our company and excel as professionals, so they finish fully prepared for the next step in their careers. During onboarding, we introduce them to our creative and collaborative culture before they move on to working and managing projects independently. Throughout the duration of the program, each participant can seek guidance from an appointed mentor. Finally, to fully understand the complexities of our international company, trainees embark on a 4-6-month job rotation abroad! In short, delfort’s International Trainee Program is the perfect opportunity to launch a successful career in a global environment!

delfort's international trainee program

Click to enlarge: delfort’s International Trainee Program

Meet Sang Ngo Dinh, our trainee in the field of Project & Process Engineering. We welcomed him to delfort in January 2019 at Wattens Vietnam. When he came to headquarters for onboarding and the International Trainee kickoff, it was his first time visiting Austria. From our flexible work schedules to creative collaboration, he is very impressed with the way things are done here. Here’s what he has to say:

Portrait of our trainee Sang

Sang Ngo Dinh


They say practice makes perfect, but Sang believes only perfect practice makes perfect. He also believes it’s essential to find his flow and recognize and utilize his strengths so that he can lead the life he’s cut out for. “Only then can I live a peaceful life without wasting my time here on earth,” he says.

First, tell us a little bit about yourself, Sang

Born and raised in Vietnam, I’m an active 26-year old drawn to exploring new places and experiencing other cultures. Around my friends, I’m outgoing and I have a lot of fun playing soccer, badminton, chess, and cycling. At work, however, I leave all the fun and games behind and really shine as a critical thinker, talented communicator, and team leader. You’ll notice my studies reflect my passion for technology and science. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering (2015) in Vietnam with honors, I received a scholarship to study in Thailand where I achieved a master’s degree in Chemistry Science. I finished in 2018, winning various awards and publishing a paper.

Sang in front of the Eiffel Tower

Sang in front of the Eiffel Tower

why did you apply for the trainee program and not for direct entry at delfort?

While visiting delfort’s website, I was really drawn in. I got a great impression of the company and felt confident this was a great place to build a career. I was practically fresh out of college then with little industry experience. So, when I read about the trainee program - especially the job rotation - I saw the potential for endless opportunities. It would give me the chance to meet many different experts in various fields, expanding my general knowledge and skills while allowing me to zero in on a suitable specialty. Not to mention the exposure to other cultures. It just seemed like an amazing way to jumpstart my career.

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What are your impressions of delfort’s company culture?

During onboarding at HQ back in June, I got the impression the company is very sophisticated, professional, and well-organized. Despite the flexible work schedule - which allows employees to achieve a work-life balance - everyone seems to get their work done on time. It was eye-opening, so different from what I’m used to back home. They are punctual and well-prepared for meetings, and task delegation goes quickly and efficiently. delfort prioritizes safety, displaying a great degree of care for its people. The open, collaborative atmosphere allows employees to exchange feedback with superiors. Their ideas are recorded and taken seriously so that everyone contributes to the success of delfort. Finally, lean excellence is accomplished through a well-run management system where the motto is ‘working smarter, not harder’. Great stuff!


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