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employee spotlight: IT apprenticeship “I immediately felt at home”

We believe in inspiring and supporting the next generation of paper enthusiasts! They are the future of sustainable and functional packaging. Apprentices challenge 'the way we’ve always done it' mentality and bring fresh, new ideas to the company. That's why we are more than happy to welcome motivated and talented youth to join us in our journey to revolutionize paper.

At delfort, we offer our apprentices access to state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, the chance to work in an international and innovative company, and mentorship from industry experts. Our wattenspapier location makes supporting and training young talents a priority. Their commitment to exemplary apprenticeship training has been recognized with the title of Outstanding Tyrolean Apprenticeship Company

We sat down with our apprentice Christian to see how his experience as a member of #teamdelfort has been. 


Meet our apprentice Christian!

One apprentice taking advantage of delfort's exceptional apprenticeship program is Christian Tomeinschitz. The 19 year old has been at delfort since September 1st, 2022 as an IT Systems Engineering apprentice.

When not at delfort, he enjoys being a referee for American Football games, streaming, and tinkering with computers. 

Christian, you are no stranger to being an apprentice. You've previously completed a successful apprenticeship in mechatronics at another company. Why did you decide to complete a second apprenticeship in IT systems engineering? 

I have always been fascinated by computers. As a child, I already wanted to train for the job of an IT systems engineer. I am fascinated by the way that so many things are dependent on computers. They do so many things simultaneously, which humans simply cannot. Furthermore, IT became a hobby for me through playing computer games and streaming. 

I really enjoyed my first internship and quickly recognized the value of this type of experience. My mother knew of wattenspapier, she had participated in a tour of the company. She told me about the paper mill at Wattens and that they train apprentices in IT systems engineering. I then did some research on delfort and was interested so I applied via the website. 


How was your start as an apprentice at delfort Wattenspapier?

On the first day, we did a mill tour. We received our safety equipment and we got a safety briefing so we could safely walk through the production facility. After that, we got a tour of the company itself and got shown our workplaces. We also met and got to know our future supervisors. We immediately called each other by our first names and it was right away a very personal relationship which I really enjoyed. 


The first days and weeks were very exciting. I immediately felt at home in the company and no matter where I went, I always received an answer and a helping hand. I was pleasantly surprised that already in the very first month I was given my own tasks to complete.

Furthermore, I thought it was great the way my colleagues welcomed me into the team and how my instructor always has an open ear for me, supporting me from day one.

What does a normal day for you at wattenspapier look like?

First, I review the assignments in the repair manual. This is our internal ticket service for everything that might pop up in the finishing department or manufacturing. Assignments are thereby automatically assigned and then systematically handled.

Besides that, we also receive classical user problems – with soft or hardware, via e-mail or Teams chat. The tasks range from setting up new computers to re-configuring WLAN. Besides that, everyone has their projects to look after. Currently, I am ensuring that every computer in the company is up-to-date. I use a program to review the respective software version and create an overview of those computers that need an update. No day is the same.

You have recently completed your final apprenticeship examination for mechatronics. What does it feel like and did you receive the needed support from wattenspapier for this?

It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I prepared a lot for this final exam and have received very positive feedback. I'm very relieved to have completed education in my back pocket, especially one that is so versatile and well sought-after.

Support was offered by both my colleagues and my superior at wattenspapier. Multiple departments offered me the chance to drop by and practice – be it in the electrical shop or, for example, in pneumatics.

I always wanted to work in IT.
Now I can make this dream come true. 

What fascinates you about mechatronics?

I am fascinated by how versatile it is. I have gained a huge advantage in this world with the completion of this apprenticeship since mechatronic engineers as well as IT-System Engineers are very important much sought-after professions currently.

My additional education in SPS technique (programmable logic controller technology), also offers a different insight into the root-cause-analysis of certain issues and I can relate differently to those because of that.

I always wanted to work in IT. Now I can make this dream come true. I like to make sure to complete all the tasks I have been given – even when it sometimes takes longer. It simply is part of the job.

Finally, let me ask you an off-topic-question: a genie in a bottle visits you… you are granted three wishes. What would you wish for?

That´s a tough question. My first wish would be to ensure my family´s health. I would ask for a successful life as the second one.  I would however keep the last wish for later when I get stuck.


Christian, thank you kindly for your time and this interview!

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