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delfort employee Simon spotlight

employee spotlight: back for more! from intern to full-time employee

Meet Simon! In 2019 he got a taste of life at delfort when he began a 5-month internship in Corporate Manufacturing and Technical Affairs department.

Fast forward two years and Simon is now working as a full-time employee in the field of energy optimization at delfort's head office.

Simon employee spotlight

Some people have a stereotypical idea of interns in their minds. That they spend their day running around getting coffee for their bosses and making photocopies. What was a typical day as an internal like for you?

During my internship, I took over responsibility for an international project in the field of energy generation, with a focus on the boiler house and water treatment. Therefore, I was in contact with colleagues from different paper mills in various countries. I had the possibility to visit several mills to meet colleges in person, which was a pleasure and a great experience for me. Besides that, I got first-hand experience in the boiler house as well as the water treatment center and had the opportunity to talk to on-site experts.

No matter which mill I visited, I always got a warm welcome and everyone was very helpful. I also had the opportunity to get insights into other areas, such as energy optimization. For example, by carrying out measurements on the ventilation technology. Plus, I was able to write my bachelor thesis together with delfort.

It sounds like you got a lot out of your internship, how did the experience impact you?

All in all, it was a great internship! I was able to gain a lot of valuable experience and a very good time. The internship gave me the opportunity to gain initial experience in the field of energy generation and energy optimization as well as an insight into an industry that was new to me, the paper industry. This experience and the additional knowledge helped me with my part-time master’s degree in Energy Economics at the FH Kufstein in Tyrol. It also helped me with my job as a research fellow at the FH Kufstein in Tyrol in the Institute for Energy, Facility & Real Estate Management.

After completing my master’s degree, I wanted to challenge myself with a new job in an international company while shaping the future in the field of energy. I remembered the friendly and positive working atmosphere as well as the collegiality at delfort. It was an easy decision to go back as a full-time employee!

After your internship, you were offered a permanent full-time position as an Energy Project Specialist. How was your experience from intern to a permanent employee?

After my internship, I stayed in regular contact with my past colleagues from delfort. When they offered me a job as a permanent employee, I was excited to return and happily accepted the offer. I decided to return to delfort because my internship was such a positive experience. The start of the new job was certainly easier for me due to the gained experience and insights into the company from the internship.

Simon employee spotlight

You are now working in the field of energy optimization, a field that is central to delfort's sustainability journey. What attracted you to work in energy optimization and how do you contribute? 

The energy sector is a very exciting area. There is not always one solution for energy optimization, but there are several options. One has to consider the effects on the overall system. delfort is fully committed to reducing energy emissions and to increasing energy efficiency. The joint search with colleagues for the best possible solution. The evaluation of new technologies, and the exchange of information on new developments. These are some of the aspects that I find most interesting about my job. In addition, due to the discussion on climate change, the energy sector is undergoing a radical transformation away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources. This makes the energy sector an interesting and exciting field of work. Therefore, I am looking forward to working together with colleagues on energy optimization and on the decarbonization of the energy sector. 

When not hard at work, Simon enjoys spending time with friends and staying active in sports such as skiing and running. His favorite delfort product is fibrestraw® paper, the foundation of sustainable paper drinking straws. 

internships at delfort

Simon's great performance and positive attitude during his internship earned him a full-time job. We are continuously searching for interns and are looking forward to receiving unsolicited applications from ambitious young talents! 

Whether it’s a summer internship, or an internship over a longer period – sometimes in connection with a thesis research question - an internship at delfort is a great learning opportunity.  Some of the benefits of an internship at delfort include: 

  • Gain work experience in a dynamic working environment 
  • A unique opportunity to develop and refine your skills
  • Mentorship to support you in professional development 
  • Network and learn from industry experts
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