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 Josefiina wrapping up presents

employee spotlight: a great opportunity to jumpstart my career!

What is our strategy for obtaining highly qualified personnel? We train them ourselves! Lasting 18 months, our International Trainee Program is designed to give driven, talented recruits a general orientation of the paper industry. At the same time, we enable them to gain in-depth experience in a desired area of expertise.

We provide all the tools our trainees need to explore a function within our company and excel as professionals, so they finish fully prepared for the next step in their careers. During onboarding, we introduce them to our creative and collaborative culture before they move on to working and managing projects independently. Throughout the duration of the program, each participant can seek guidance from an appointed mentor. Finally, to fully understand the complexities of our international company, trainees embark on a 4-6-month job rotation abroad! In short, delfort’s International Trainee Program is the perfect opportunity to launch a successful career in a global environment!


Josefiina Jära


Josefiina has a bachelor’s degree in Bioproduct and Process Engineering. She graduated in June 2019. In October of the same year, she entered delfort as an international trainee. She likes to travel and play soccer in her spare time.

meet Josefiina Järä

Meet Josefiina Järä, our talented trainee in the field of Process Engineering who joined our team in October. After enjoying a smooth onboarding and Trainee Kickoff Event at HQ in Austria, she dove straight into the project phase of her training at our mill in Finland. According to Josefiina, applying for the program wasn’t just easy, it was a great decision. Here’s what she told us in an interview:


What was the Trainee Kickoff Event like?

At the kickoff event, I immediately felt welcomed by everyone at delfort. The days spent in Traun were intriguing and highly informative as we were given a general impression of the company’s culture and structure. We were introduced to various departments, such as Marketing and Branding, Legal, Patents, Innovation, and Purchasing. It was great to meet the other international trainees, network with the company’s business partners, and get to know my new delfort colleagues. Their attitudes were really motivating, and I couldn’t wait to get started!


Are you still enjoying your training? Which of your strengths has proven to be most useful?

Yes! It’s fascinating how complex papermaking is. The properties of paper are especially tricky: you can try to improve one property and find you’ve compromised another. There is so much to consider. Finding the right balance can be challenging, but that’s also what I love about this job. I can utilize my problem-solving skills and I get to collaborate with a talented team of experts to find the perfect solution. 

My degree has proven to be very useful, and the job is great because it’s positively versatile. Thanks to my highly skilled colleagues, my experience is growing every day. Listening and taking notes is important to my learning process, and making sure I connect the dots and apply what I’ve learned is essential. So, I would say the ability to work within a team, exceptional learning/adapting skills, assertiveness, and open-mindedness are the most important qualities for a trainee to have.

Josefiina and her colleague at an HR fair

Josefiina's enthusiasm for delfort is contagious. She likes to share it at HR fairs in schools.

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    has an identical twin sister

What are your responsibilities as a trainee?

Together with HR, we defined the position to match my skill set with the company’s needs. Up until now, I have gained valuable expertise in detailed production and the properties of tipping paper. I’ve improved processes, updated and created instructions and guidelines, and learned to properly utilize various databases. My supervisor selects tasks that broaden my knowledge and that are actually relevant to what is currently going on at Tervakoski. I’ve been introduced to various departments, such as Quality Assurance, Design, and Procurement to witness firsthand how they interact and operate in harmony. I prioritize networking with my colleagues and learning as much as I can so that I create a solid foundation for a career at delfort.

Josefiina in the production - of course perfectly equipped with safety shoes, helmet, ear protection and safety vest

„My safety equipment is always with me at the shopfloor!”

What support do you get from your colleagues and supervisors to launch your career?

They are so patient and accommodating, ensuring I receive a complete overview of the company. We collaborate, and I’m given the space to work independently or ask for help when needed. Weekly, I meet with my supervising mentor for one-on-one guidance. We discuss what I’m working on at the time and assess my progress as a trainee. I find these meetings highly important as they keep me focused and on track. With the way things are going, I’m confident the job rotation is going to be amazing!


Thank you Josefiina, for that great interview!