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packaging innovation oat hull bags

unique packaging innovation gives oat hulls a new life

Oats, they’re in your bread …. and now they’re also in your bread bags! Thanks to the support of delfort, an accomplished development partner, customers of Fazer have received their loaves of bread in a limited edition of paper bags made with 25% oat hulls.

We are proud to have been part of this unique packaging innovation!


Karoliina Haapaniemi and Fazer's oat hull paper bag

a truly unique packaging solution

delfort provided its expertise and pilot paper machine in tervakoski (Finland) to develop a unique “paper capsule collection”. The idea behind the project was to incorporate oat hulls from Fazer's oat mill in Lahti, a by-product of the food industry, into packaging.

This is an excellent example of a circular economy product and demonstrates a new dimension of truly sustainable packaging solutions. Now, oat hull bags are no longer just an idea but a reality! The oat bread bags were specially developed for Fazer bread and will be used uniquely by the company this year.


The oat hull paper was manufactured to keep the contents fresh and safe and to protect the bread from hardening. Our perfectly equipped laboratory, our on-site experts and our pilot paper machine allowed us to innovate and develop an unprecedented product.
Christopher Diesen , General Manager of delfort Tervakoski

Team members Mika Heinonen and Pauli Hurvi with our oat hull paper and Fazer's paper bag

we give paper functionality!

The oat hull paper is a visually beautiful paper whose unique appearance and texture sets it apart from other papers. Consumers can see and feel the hull fraction on the surface. After use, it can be recycled. In addition to the 25% oat hull, delfort uses virgin pulp from 100% FSC™  and/or PEFC certified wood suppliers.


Fazer's oat hull bread bag (Source:

The oat shell paper reflects our customer-oriented culture. We love to pioneer functional packaging paper and make them even more sustainable.
Karoliina Haapaniemi , Sales Manager at delfort Tervakoski

stronger together

This unique packaging innovation is the result of a creative collaboration. The first prototype of an oat hull bag was created as a joint HerääPahvi! project by Tampere University of Applied Sciences, the Natural Resources Institute Finland and Design Forum Finland. Thanks to this fruitful collaboration, end consumers of the food and confectionery manufacturer Fazer in Finland can now enjoy this unique packaging paper.

"I’m extremely happy and proud of the pilot production team in tervakoski, they definitely have what it takes to bring ideas to solutions!" said Juuso Rantanen, Innovation Manager at Tervakoski. "There were technical challenges to solve and we tackled them with our team’s expertise and by working closely together with our project partners."