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nothing is sweeter than thintwist®, the best base paper for twisting

We’re all about that base! Some of the biggest brands in the world have realized the value of thintwist®, our high-performing base paper for twisting. It's the perfect base paper for candies, lozenges, chocolates, and bread.

There are two key elements to a successful confectionery packaging solution. First, you need a great base paper. Secondly, you need an excellent coating. Providing the best paper base is where our expertise comes in. Our base paper is highly functional with superior twisting, excellent dead fold properties, and great runnability. The best part is that thintwist® requires very little wax coating.

We sat down with paper expert Thomas Brunnauer to learn why companies are twisting and shouting ‘hooray!’ over our base paper.

thintwist base paper for twisting

Thomas Brunnauer 

International Sales Manager

For decades the confectionery market has been dominated by plastic, aluminum, and other non-renewable materials. Why is paper again growing in popularity?

At delfort, we want to provide innovative paper solutions to replace non-renewable and fossil-based materials. We can clearly see that the market is moving towards paper-based solutions, a trend being led by major brands that are looking for more sustainable packaging. It’s like this not only in the confectionary market but across the food and non-food packaging industry.

When it comes to confectionery wrappers it all starts with the base. Our base papers are recyclable and made with fibers sourced exclusively from responsibly managed forests from FSC™ (C109921) and/or PEFC (06-33-163) certified suppliers. With today’s technology and consumers’ increasing concern for the environment, our specialty paper solutions are perfectly positioned to take over the market.

confectionary wrapping

Besides sustainability and functionality, what is most important for converters and brands in the confectionery industry?

Reliability and stability are very important factors. We are producing our thintwist® range in the heart of Europe, with new batches being produced every 6-7 weeks throughout the entire year. Customers can rely on us to provide them with regular orders and consistent quality. We maintain good relationships with our suppliers, and we do everything we can to secure a reliable supply chain. 

"For businesses to have a guarantee of supply and quality in these difficult times is of huge importance. Being able to offer customers a regular supply is not a given in today’s world and it’s something they really appreciate."

Candy Wrapper_A7A6990

Why do confectionary base papers need a coating to be effective?

Waxing is still the most popular solution for wrapping candies. It allows the base paper to twist without breaking. Wax allows the base paper to twist without breaking, an important feature of such a product. Coatings also help to protect the packaged sweets and stops the candy from sticking to the wrapper.

With our high-quality base paper thintwist®, the paper already does a lot of the work in regard to twisting and strength. The performance of the paper alone is already strong, the paper is both tight and flexible. Therefore, you only need a small amount of coating to make it perfectly functional. This is one of the great advantage of thintwist® and something that sets our base paper apart from others in the market.

There’s a big opportunity here to come up with a more sustainable coating solution. At delfort are working closely with our research and development team at Feuerstein and our R&D partner DELSCI to create more sustainable and natural alternatives to wax.

"We developed a paper solution that requires as little wax as possible while maintaining great functionality."

do the twist with thintwist® the best base paper for twisting 

With three grades in the thintwist® range, we offer the best paper base for your confectionary business. 

  • Excellent dead fold
  • Superior twisting
  • Low wax consumption
  • Great runnability
  • Full opacity after waxing
  • Enhanced printing
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