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PFAS-free packaging for french fry bags

PFAS-free food packaging: your paper shall be PFAS-free

Ready to make the switch to PFAS-free food packaging? As a leading specialty paper manufacturer, delfort is developing and manufacturing sustainable packaging papers that are free from engineered perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFAS/PFC). delfort has established its own as well as independent research facilities to promote the research and development of PFAS alternatives. In addition, we started several cooperation projects with universities and initiated many cooperative projects with customers. 

For good reasons, regulators and environmental and health groups are pushing to introduce rules of use for PFAS/PFC chemicals. Our R&D investments have allowed us to offer PFAS-free papers at an industrial scale that are perfect for food wrappers and packaging.

the push to ban PFAS in food packaging

California, New York, Main and Washington State have banned PFAS from use in packaging papers. US States are not alone, Denmark and the Netherlands are leading the PFAS-ban in Europe1. The race is on. Are you prepared?

PFAS-free packaging solutions are here!

We make it easy for everyone to change to a PFAS-free alternative with a full product portfolio that works and that is constantly expanded. 

For many years we have been offering a full assortment of our iconic and PFAS-free range of specialty papers with excellent performance. The barrier used to make the paper grease and water-resistant consists of bio-based materials, maintaining the recyclability of the paper.

PFAS-free food packaging
Our paper technologists have perfected the complex interaction between base paper and bio-based coating over many years. We anticipate customer expectations and are always in line with regulatory and legal requirements. Our mission is to convince all customers to completely switch to PFAS/PFC-free products during 2023.
Martin Zahlbruckner, CEO delfort

compostable food packaging that is PFAS-free

As the demand for zero-waste products is increasing, our thinbarrier® eco range is not only recyclable, but some products are also certified as compostable by TÜV Austria. One of the decisive criterions for this is that PFAS must not be used intentionally in the products and the products must not contain > 100 ppm total fluorine content. This is to screen out these persistent chemicals in compost streams.

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