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delfort joins forces with benkert making tipping history

It’s a match made in heaven: delfort joined forces with benkert. Together we form a stronghold unrivaled in the tobacco industry. With benkert, we are now more than ever the partner that best fulfills our customers’ needs.

delfort couldn’t ask for a better partner. benkert is renowned for its ability to forecast trends in tipping paper and make them a reality - even if it means inventing the technology to do so! Their discovery of electrostatic perforation and co-development of laser perforation means together, we can meet any requirement for perforated tippings. Both technologies provide a defined and consistent tipping porosity; laser perforation especially has proved to be very effective for high-level porosities (> 400 CU).


Equally impressive is benkert’s expertise in multicolored and luxurious designs through gravure printing and additional hot foiled executions. By operating its own ink plants, it can meet any printing demand, even flavored tippings for the Asian market. Adding metallic foil to the tipping paper creates an extremely high brilliance with the finest print effects and logos, like holographic images and reflective designs!

Combining benkert’s state-of-the-art perforation and printing technologies with our expertise at our North American facilities mundet and flexprint in Bulgaria, means anything is possible in the tobacco industry. Benkert adds to our existing full-service tobacco paper capabilities, which already include top-notch tipping bobbins, customized gravure printing, laser perforation, slitting, specialized labeling and packaging, sheeting, die cutting and hot stamping. We also produce roll stock, LIP cigarette papers and coated plug wraps. Just imagine what kinds of revolutionary innovations are in store when we collaborate creatively. Now that we are the #1 solution provider, the tobacco industry will never be the same!

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