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delfort teams up with flexprint to become your flexible packaging powerhouse

Why did we choose to partner with Flexprint? Simple: they’re absolutely excellent in converting tobacco tipping papers and producing flexible printing solutions for the food & beverage industry. 

With them on board, we expand our capabilities to provide our customers with the best variety of specialized services. We are now a full-service provider for flexible packaging!


Based in Bulgaria, Flexprint is well-known for its state-of-the-art converting and printing services. Producing everything from tipping paper to inner liner, printed BOPP pack wrap, tobacco zip-lock pouches, and shisha pouches, they provide modern options for the tobacco industry. In the field of flexible food packaging and bottle labels, Flexprint is an expert in serving the food and household sector. With Flexprint on our side, we are now your answer to long-term food packaging.

For fast food and fast-moving consumer goods, our eco-friendly paper packaging and coatings are simply the best solutions to protecting perishables for a few minutes to a few weeks. Perishable items that require a long shelf life, however, need optimal protection against external influences. This is achieved with packaging papers that have extremely high barrier functions and sealability or synthetic barriers. Thanks to Flexprint, we now produce superior products of all kinds that guarantee the longest possible shelf life.


Our Flexprint solutions feature single, double, or triple-layered films in various sizes and shapes, flexographic and rotogravure printing, and the materials ВОРР, CPP, РЕТ, РЕ, or АLU. They come in white, transparent, matt, and metalized, as well as special lacquered applications. We offer an incredible quality of print repeatability, soft or rough haptic qualities, serialization, metalized & sparkling surfaces, flavored film, cost-saving package, and of course, they are 100% food safe.

For all of your sweet or savory snacks, pasta, seasonings, coffee, frozen food, meat, and dairy products, we have now the perfect packaging.

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