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Pharmaceutical Leaflet

Extra high opacity meets pleasant whiteness for best readability.

Pharmaceutical Leaflet

Our thinprint paper grades are the perfect base for pharmaceutical leaflets. They offer an exclusive combination of extra-high printed opacity with a pleasant whiteness for best readability. A unique surface reduces ink consumption and delivers an unmatched high printed opacity even in multi-colored printing. Interested? Let’s talk!


  • Well-known and specified product brands
  • Our papers offer outstanding printed opacity for higher readability
  • Our thinprint papers perform smoothly in printing, folding & in the packaging process
  • High accuracy of sheeting & format stability


  • Our ultra-light paper ranges from 28 to 60 g/m²
  • Excellent opacity even at the lowest basis weight
  • Permanent paper produced with ECF virgin pulp
  • Paper shades available from bright blue to warm yellow
  • Available in reels & sheets
  • PEFC and FSC™ certification


  • Outserts
  • Inserts
  • Leaflets

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