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Extended Content Label

Multiple layers or tight bends? Our papers meet any challenging construction of extended content labels.

Maximize Label Content

Multilingual regulatory information, brand messaging, point-of-sale coupons - delfort has paper solutions to fit it all right on your product container with minimal bulk. Keep your labels thin even with all that content. There is an art to saying more with less.



  • Large surface area with low bulk
  • Outstanding print results and perfect readability
  • Our papers perform excellently in printing, folding & in the packaging process
  • High accuracy of sheeting & format stability


  • Our papers range from 28 to 60 g/m²
  • Excellent opacity even at the lowest basis weight
  • Permanent paper produced with ECF virgin pulp
  • Spectrum of shades from extra white to warm cream
  • Available in reels & sheets
  • PEFC and FSC™ certification


  • Booklet labels
  • Extended content labels

OUr Grade Recommendation