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sustainable QSR food wrapping papers

be part of a sustainable future with renewable, fiber-based packaging and ecological barriers.

Sustainable and highly functional, our iconic thinbarrier® eco range of wrapping and packaging papers is the perfect solution for on-the-go foods. Designed for a better tomorrow, our packaging is made with renewable resources from sustainably managed forests and ultra-thin bio-coatings. They contribute to a circular economy and reduce our dependency on fossil-based materials. 

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make a sustainable choice without compromising on quality

It's easy to understand why some of the biggest QSR brands around the globe choose delfort specialty papers.

Highly functional and sustainable, our thinbarrier® eco range was developed for on-the-go foods.

good for you and the planet

  • PFAS free

    We stay away from harmful chemicals and additives: no PFAS, no allergens, and no GMOs.
  • circular design

    With end-of-life in mind, our papers are designed for recyclability, and/or compostability.
  • responsibly made

    Only fibers from sustainably managed forests from PEFC and/or FSC™ certified suppliers.
  • lightweight

    With less grammage than other products on the market, you save on transportation and storage to reduce your environmental footprint.

"Enabling major fast-food restaurants to become pioneers of sustainable food packaging is our driving force. We make it easy for everyone to successfully master this transition."

Peter Hackl, Sales Director Food PAckaging

never compromise on functionality

  • grease-resistant

    Perfectly suited for on-the-go food, our grease resistant papers keep your fingers clean.
  • locks in the heat

    Say no to cold foods! lock in the heat with our papers for warm, fresh and tasty food.
  • food safe

    Hygienic and safe, our paper is certified FDA and BfR compliant for direct food contact.
  • moisture balance

    A controlled moisture vapor transition rate balances moisture and condensation so food is never dry or soggy.

meet our iconic thinbarrier® eco range


for on-the-go-foods

  • excellent greaseproof (OGR) barrier
  • high opacity and good formation supporting high quality printability
  • recyclable
  • allergen free
QSR food wrapping thinbarrier
thinbarrier burger


available with optional features

  • basis weight range from 25.5 to 45 g/m² (16 to 28 lbs)
  • PFAS-free
  • different grease resistance levels medium (M) to high (H)
  • controlled MVTR level (MV)
  • in white / nature
  • 1-side / 2-side coated (2S)
  • without / with wet strength (WS)
  • specific grades are available with
    • ok biodegradable marine certification through TÜV Austria
    • ok compostable industrial and home certification through TÜV Austria
    • compostable through KCL-307:20
compostable paper packaging for the food industry


perfect for a variety for QSR aplications

  • wrapping paper for hamburgers, cheeseburgers,
    wraps, pitas and sandwiches
  • french fries bags
  • greaseproof bags for bakery and retail
  • sandwich bags and sandwich paper
  • wrapping paper for meat, fish and cheese (butcher
Burger Wrapper_thin_barrier_Burger_BRAUN_branding


let's find the perfect paper for your needs

  • thinbarrier® eco
  • thinbarrier® eco M
  • thinbarrier® eco M-2S-WS
  • thinbarrier® eco H-WS

we are moving towards a green future


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