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at delfort, we don't just make paper,

we collaborate with the planet’s best minds to revolutionize specialty paper solutions that are able to change the world.

We challenge ourselves every day to drive sustainability through innovation. We are dedicated not only to making a better product, but also a better world.


  • delfort_Innerliner_paper_white_branding


    As a full-service provider to the tobacco industry, we support our customers with the perfect solution for cigarette, plug wrap & tipping paper, rolling paper, special solutions for tobacco heated products, and cigarette packaging.

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  • delfort_thin_print_holy_scrips

    print & publish

    Our thinprint paper is so light that you get twice the knowledge on half the paper. The reason: our thinprint paper reduces weight and saves volume. That makes reading twice as enjoyable!

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  • delfort_thin_print_medical

    pharma & cosmetics

    Whiteness, brightness and printed opacity distinguish our paper for leaflets, and make them stand out from the crowd. Super light, yet resistant, they stand up to the rigors and speed demands of the most sophisticated folding patterns.

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  • delfort_label_base_paper


    Our release base paper for labels is superior and unmatched in the market. Perfect for VIP labelling and other applications.

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  • delfort_thin_barrier_Burger_branding

    food & cooking

    We design sustainable food packaging paper for a better tomorrow. These ultrathin, bio-coated papers contribute to a circular economy and reduce our dependency on fossil-based materials.

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  • Electrical_paper

    power, transformers & energy storage

    Our line of electricial insulation solutions includes semiconductive, thermally upgraded, and high-density papers for submarine cables, ground cables, transformers, oil, and resin-impregnated bushings and capacitors.

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  • delfort_paper_hemd_branding

    fashion & logistics

    Luxury fashion and accessory brands know why delfort paper is the best choice for revealing exclusivity. Luxurious to the touch, it makes any merchandise shine. The bonus: it is compostable and recyclable.

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"Everything we create, we do so with a better planet and exceptional performance in mind."

Martin Zahlbruckner, CEO