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Transformer Insulation_

Transformer Insulation

Excellent thermal endurance meets elasticity.


With our paper grade family tertrans we offer an insulation paper for various applications depending on the needs and prerequisites of our customers. Excellent thermal endurance meets elasticity, making up a strong and long-lasting insulation paper for power, distribution and instrument transformers. Connect with us to find your perfect grade!


  • Manages most demanding (up to 1000 kV) applications
  • Highest paper purity in the market
  • We offer a diverse portfolio with various combinations of thickness, density & porosity


  • Ranging from 40 µm to 200 µm
  • Density up to 1.2 kg/dm³
  • Thermally upgraded solutions possible
  • In accordance with IEC 60076-7, IEC 60554-2, IEC 60554-3-5, IEC 641-3-2 and ANSI/IEE C57.100.2011 standards


  • Power, instrument & distribution transformers