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discover our paper

Archive Paper

The paper that lasts several hundred of years.

Archive paper

When your paper needs to endure several decades, our archive paper could be the perfect choice. It can not only be printed and watermarked, but is also the perfect utility to protect and store documents and goods that need to keep for a long time.


  • High duration and permanence (250 – 1000 years)
  • Tailor-made solutions available
  • In accordance with ISO 9706 and ISO 11108


  • Paper for printing: Available in 80 g/m² and 100 g/m², watermarked
  • Paper for storage and protection: Available in 100 g/m² and 180 g/m²
  • Perfect for offset, laser, and inkjet printing


  • Printing of official documents like patents, contracts, wills, certifications etc
  • Protection and storage of maps, textiles, photos (ISO 18916), documents etc