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PFAS-free packaging thinbarrier

delfort paves the way to smooth PFAS-free packaging transition

Heard the buzz on PFAS? New legislations and restrictions of PFAS worldwide are expected to significantly reduce the use of fluorochemicals. Food-on-the-go brands that depend on PFAS in their food packaging look to delfort for support. we have developed groundbreaking PFAS-free solutions offering a range of sustainable, safe, and highly functional packaging papers. Brands can start transitioning to cleaner paper packaging today!


ever wonder why the grease of your juicy burger doesn’t leak through the wrapper?


Often, it’s thanks to fluorochemicals, so-called PFAS; chemicals that are used to make materials grease-resistant. Lately, the public and legislators have been taking a closer look at PFAS and find it’s not always necessary. Cleaner options should also be considered according to the EU and USA which plan on limiting or banning PFAS in the near future.

Fortunately, delfort started looking into cleaner alternatives about a decade ago. "We recognized a need for PFAS-free, highly functional packaging papers," says Dr. Martin Zahlbruckner, CEO of delfort. “We’ve been at the forefront enabling major fast-food restaurants to become pioneers of sustainable food packaging. We make it easy for everyone to successfully master this transition."


the problem with PFAS


Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have made convenient eating habits achievable, by making food packaging paper grease-resistant. Society is realizing, however, that PFAS should be handled with care. PFAS are a common class of over 4,700 highly stable, man-made chemicals that do not easily break down after use. As a result, PFAS causes contamination to groundwater and drinking water. [1] Also, PFAS can stay in the body for a long period where they may accumulate with some fluorochemicals that have been linked to negative health effects. [2]


a clean, PFAS-free packaging paper


No one wants to compromise on high functionality standards! Therefore, delfort developed thinbarrier® eco, a range of wrapping papers that compete with traditional grease-resistant packaging. 

  •  safe and sustainable food packaging free of PFAS. 
  • equipped with a plant-based coating. 
  • mono-material and recyclable where facilities are available. 
  • eco FIT is certified as compostable by the Composting Manufacturing Alliance (CMA). 
  • perfect for most greasy food applications such as hamburgers and french fry bags. 
  • available in white and natural.
  • ranging from 25.5 – 45g/m2 (16-28lbs). 
  • excellent grease-resistance.
  • optimal moisture vapor transition rate, meaning no soggy foods.

PFAS ban expected

The European Commission proposes a comprehensive set of actions to address PFAS in food packaging – going as far as to phase them out in the EU.[3] Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Denmark are working on a REACH proposal for EU-wide PFAS restriction, with plans to eliminate most uses of the substances in packaging by 2025 to 2030.[4]

The EU is not alone. In the USA, several bills have been introduced in Congress that include bans on the use of PFAS in food packaging. The most recent, S.3227 “Prevent Future American Sickness Act”[5], would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to deem any PFAS used as food contact substances unsafe. The PFAS ban could become effective as early as January 1, 2022.

the need for a ‘clean start’ is urgent


Food industry brands should already be exploring cleaner packaging options. delfort drives industry standards and accountability through its’ compliance with REACH, other European Union legislation, and national laws and regulations. “Customers who choose delfort’s thinbarrier® eco range choose solutions that already meet future regulations today,” says Dr. Martin Zahlbruckner. delfort’s vast coating technology experts are supporting converters and brand owners on their way to a smooth PFAS-free packing transition offering their customers a clean food packaging solution.

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