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Terreus design paper reimagined

For the creative; for the visionaries; for those who need the perfect tool to present their ideas to the world, we have strived to provide the perfect design paper. The result is Terreus a graphical paper that stands out as a functional and sustainable alternative to the rest of the market.

We understand that the creative process is a journey. For graphic designers, architects, marketing teams, and many others, creativity is a breadwinner - an inner voice that has been shaped by experience and artful care. Such a process demands nothing but the finest representation, a specialty paper that is in itself creative, functional, and exceptional.


available in 100 – 330 gsm

Terreus, produced in Tervakoski Finland, is crafted with our clients in mind. It is the perfect means by which to add that extra luxurious touch to your hard work. A paper that comes standard with that delicious feel. Available in 100-330 gsm, it is made for individuals who are at the forefront of the creative process. It is primed for offset and digital printing. And in low grammage, it is suitable for inkjet and laser jet printers. This specialty paper lends itself to classy presentations such as business cards, leaflets, high-end brochures and other design ideas. 
undoubtedly luxurious, classy to the touch, and sustainable in nature

leading both - functionality and sustainability

delfort’s Terreus, as with all our products, is designed with the environment in mind. In doing so, we look at the entire lifecycle of our products, starting with the design of our specialty paper, continuing with efficient production and converting, and looking at the end use and disposal. Our papers are made from virgin PEFC and/or FSC™ certified fiber sources from sustainably managed forests. During our manufacturing processes, we steadily optimize the use of resources such as energy, heat, water, and raw materials. We invest in energy conservation and renewable energy which eventually results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions from our operations.

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works perfectly with laser cutting


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