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employee spotlight: onboarding with a feel-good atmosphere

The first few weeks at a new company aren’t often easy. New colleagues, an unfamiliar work environment and maybe even new tasks can make you feel like a child on the first day of school.

Surprisingly, that was not the case with my onboarding at delfort. Here I felt very well received from the beginning. The difference: the excellent preparations made by the HR team, the level of professionalism displayed by my own team, and above all, the empathy of my new colleagues.

We sat down with Hans-Peter Adamer, Technical Project Manager at delfort, to learn about his start,

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Hans-Peter Adamer

Technical Project Manager


I graduated from the HTL for Electrical Engineering in Kapfenberg, before broadening my knowledge in the field of paper technology. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes and I love to be outside and enjoy nature.

Mr. Adamer, how have you experienced your first weeks at feurstein?

To begin with, let me say the first week at delfort was very well planned, which is something new to me. I've never had a first week at a company that was so well organized. It’s been a very positive experience indeed. The first three weeks, I was fully booked with meeting new colleagues, learning about my responsibilities and getting to know the different departments. The main focus was of course my future work site in production; there even was a separate meeting with the head of maintenance to really get to know the particulars of the location.

I immediately noticed that the people here at delfort are very open. Nobody ignores you when you walk by; it is quite the opposite. Everybody greets you in a friendly way and includes you in conversations. After these first few weeks, I can already say that I feel very comfortable here and I enjoy going to work each day.

Applying for a new job is never easy. How did you perceive the recruiting phase at delfort? Why did you choose us?

It must have been the moment I noticed that everybody I had talked to during the recruiting process was a firm believer in delfort. They all seemed very certain about its future in general, and their own jobs in particular. When they told me that they could very well imagine me working for this company, my choice was made. Their enthusiasm just really got to me and I thought to myself: this is where I want to work because at this dynamic company things are moving forward.

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And this impression proved to be right?

Yes of course. I have worked several years in the industry and I have adopted and co-developed many processes and skills along the way. I want to utilize my expertise and streamline the everyday practices at this location. That mainly means talking to people and getting more familiar with the processes.

As a coating expert, what are your goals for the next months?

I asked myself how I could incorporate my experience in the best and most lucrative fashion and realized very quickly that delfort's most important thing is to work closely with our customers to develop products specifically for their needs. We are also taking a close look at all our suppliers and work close with them to develop coatings that fulfill our specific needs and to stay up to date we use our expertise to combine materials, our super modern machinery and technology to create something new, outstanding.

Everybody I talked to during the recruiting process was a firm believer in delfort! That's exceptional!

Hans-Peter Adamer , Technical Project Manager
  • 34

    years of experience within the industry
  • 500+

    LPs in my music collection
  • 100+

    cities visited in Europe

What about the paper industry excites you the most?

It just never gets boring. I have been in this industry for thirty years now and I still find it invigorating. From paper making to process optimization, it never gets tedious. Every new challenge is a chance to improve. True, the paper industry is fast-moving and market regulations can present obstacles but that just means I get to continue exploring and engaging in creativity.


Many thanks for this great interview. Is there anything else you would like to say?

I applaud delfort for its desire to grow and strengthen its foundation. delfort has the skilled people needed to achieve that goal and I want to see it stay that way. Everyone here deserves to be told how vital and appreciated they are. I look forward to being part of the positive feedback that holds this company together.


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