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HR assistent in a meeting situation

employee spotlight: working in HR at delfort

Like all of our employees, Vanda Zellei is a talent with ambition and drive. While actively reinforcing our HR department, she also diligently pursues a second bachelor’s degree. “It’s challenging, but delfort helps make it possible” she shares.


Vanda Zellei

HR Generalist


Vanda’s first love is history (hence her degree in the subject) which lures her to cities to explore the past and different types of architecture. Whenever possible, she and her boyfriend hit the road looking for a new adventure.

Vanda, you've been at delfort for almost 2 years. What do you like most about your job and the company?

The best thing about working at delfort is that I have met a lot of friendly, helpful people who drive my professional development. Already, I have gained so much constructive experience. I may be a beginner in the field of HR, but as a member of this company, I’m confident I will continue to grow and advance in my career.


Can you tell us about your job as an HR Assistant?

I like to think of myself as an unofficial psychologist, peacemaker, teacher, and the ultimate ninja! But on a more serious note, my main responsibilities include recruiting talent, organizing valuable training and events, assisting with HR administration and assessments, and of course, supporting the HR manager.


You already have a bachelor's degree in History but started studying Human Resource Management in autumn of 2018. What led you to pursue a second degree?

Soon after starting this job in HR, I knew I had found my profession! Education is really important to me, and I am committed to developing in this area. So, there is no question about it: I have to get the necessary qualification to be the best HR professional I can be.

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Your Human Resource Management degree is extra-occupational, which must be challenging. How are you handling it, and is it worth it?

Definitely. This is my second year at university, and I’m learning the basics. Thanks to my studies, I’m able to understand the theoretical elements of my job. Now, instead of just following instructions, I have all the background information and I know why it is necessary to do something.

What is delfort's attitude towards your studies?

I’m grateful because delfort provides a flexible work schedule in support of my studies. I feel like my colleagues are mentors, always answering my professional questions with educational responses. In fact, because of their support, I would like to write my thesis here.

HR assistent in a meeting situation

What tips can you give someone who is also interested in an extra-occupational study?

My most important advice is this: only pursue higher education in an area that really interests you. It’s a lot to take on, and if you’re not fully engaged, it will be too challenging. When you really enjoy what you are doing, it won’t feel like a burden.



Thank you Vanda, for that great interview!



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