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employee spotlight: this industry never gets boring!

The complexity and limitless possibilities of paper manufacturing have held Gregor Stemick’s interest for more than 35 years. As Director of Technical Customer Service at our mill dunafin he is the connecting link between customers and production.

“Working for delfort is especially exciting,” he shares. “The continuous evolution of improvements, unprecedented customer support and open communication keeps me sharp and engaged.”

Keep reading to learn more about  Gregor's experience!


Gregor Stemick

Director Technical Customer Service


I studied paper engineering in Munich, and I have been in the industry for 35 years. I love spending time with my two kids. We spend every spare moment enjoying outdoor sports like mountain biking, longboarding, stand up paddle boarding, slackline.

Gregor, what makes your job as Director of Technical Customer Service so special?

At delfort, we don’t want to be just a supplier. Our customers count on us as a truly reliable, competent and innovative partner. That’s why it’s imperative that our customers receive personal support from my department. We act as a link between production, sales and our customers, exceeding their expectations by resolving issues with smart, prompt and creative solutions. It's up to my team and me to ensure excellent communication so that our products and services continue to meet the highest demands.

Based on your 33 years’ experience, what aspects are unique to the paper industry?

I can assure you, this industry never gets boring! Paper making is such a complex process, it creates new challenges every day. Also, because we produce products for such a wide variety of customers with an array of needs, on divers machines, we really have to understand these processes thoroughly to guarantee a successful product.


What does “creative collaboration” mean to you personally?

When I hear creative collaboration, I basically hear two key factors. To be the number one service provider, we have to coordinate as a team. Of course, we also have to be very creative; we must think outside of the box, or it's impossible to advance.


Which product innovations do you think have the greatest future potential?

True, we are working on some innovations that are groundbreaking. However, in my opinion, what truly sets us apart is our determination to improve upon existing products. We don’t just invent something and are done with it. We keep a close eye on the market and adjust our products accordingly, because optimizing our product line step by step and ensuring customer satisfaction is as important to our success as developing revolutionary innovations. For example, we want our customers to recognize how superior the runnability of our paper is, not just be wowed by a single, new product. Attention to detail and continuous enhancement has always been and always will be our strong suit.


What do you consider the highlight of your career thus far at delfort?

I have worked for several companies, and nothing beats being part of delfort’s international team. This diversity leads to an incredibly high level of creativity and variety. In addition, I love the effectiveness and freedom of open communication at delfort. We are asked for our opinions, and we can say what we think. I value that!


Thank you Gregor, for that great interview!


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