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Katrin Hoos, our trainee in the field of Corporate HR

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What is our strategy for obtaining highly qualified personnel? We train them ourselves! Lasting 18 months, our International Trainee Program is designed to give driven, talented recruits a general orientation of the paper industry. At the same time, we enable them to gain in-depth experience in a desired area of expertise.

We provide all the tools our trainees need to explore a function within our company and excel as professionals, so they finish fully prepared for the next step in their careers. During onboarding, we introduce them to our creative and collaborative culture before they move on to working and managing projects independently. Throughout the duration of the program, each participant can seek guidance from an appointed mentor. Finally, to fully understand the complexities of our international company, trainees embark on an up to 6 months job rotation abroad! In short, delfort’s International Trainee Program is the perfect opportunity to launch a successful career in a global environment!

delfort's international trainee program

Meet Katrin Hoos, our trainee in the field of Corporate HR who came to delfort in April 2019. We loved getting to know her during her onboarding and continue to enjoy her proactive and contagiously positive attitude.

Katrin Hoos, our trainee in the field of Corporate HR

Katrin Hoos

Trainee in the field of Corporate HR


Originally from Germany, Katrin lived several years abroad before settling in Austria. She loves to travel with friends and be outside in the mountains either hiking or cycling. With her outgoing, collaborative and attentive personality, we’re already confident she’ll do great things in HR.

Katrin, how did you hear about our International Trainee Program?

I was looking for a new job opportunity in HR in Upper Austria, and the International Trainee Program at delfort caught my attention on a job platform. At first glance, it looked like a great fit! Because I had very little work experience in HR at that time, I thought this could be the perfect opportunity to launch my HR career. In addition, the incorporated international job rotation was a major attraction, as I am always eager to gain more international experience. So, when I received the job offer after the recruiting process, I did not need a lot of time to decide!

What do you like most about delfort as an employer?

I would have to say all of my wonderful colleagues! From day one, everyone in the office has gone out of their way to give me a warm welcome and ensure a smooth start at delfort. Especially my team in the Corporate HR Department is very encouraging. There’s great teamwork and a positive, collaborative atmosphere, so I feel supported as I dive into all fields of HR and develop my skills. Also, the very modern work environment of our new office building in Traun, Austria, is a huge plus point.

Katrin and Lukas at a fair

Katrin pours out her positive attitude at career fairs in schools and universities and fills students with enthusiasm for delfort – here at a fair together with Lukas from our Corporate IT Department.

What do you like about your project phase, and which of your skills prove to be particularly useful?

At the moment, we are implementing an eLearning platform. It’s great to be part of something that significantly benefits everyone at delfort. My main focus is to help identify, design, and implement corporate trainings that affect the whole group, such as IT security or business ethics. I have to collaborate and coordinate with several HQ departments as well as departments abroad, so you have to be assertive and follow up on important tasks while finding a balance between being persistent and being respectfully flexible. Open and sensitive communication is a must. All-in-all it is a very interesting and important project for both the company and my professional development.


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    years living abroad, so far (with many more to come)
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    beloved Italian racing cycle in her possession

Can you tell us something about your job rotation(s)? What is special about it and how does it benefit you?

I completed my first job rotation in the winter months of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 at our mill OP Papírna in the Czech Republic. I continued to work on the introduction of the eLearning platform there, this time concerning the training and development plans of new colleagues hired to operate a new paper machine. I had a great time in Olsany both professionally and personally, as my HR colleagues won my heart!

Katrin at our paper mill OP Papírna

Karin enjoyed her time at OP Papírna in the Czech Republic.

For my second job rotation, I was supposed to travel to delfort’s newest addition, Flexprint LTD in Bulgaria. I was looking forward to meeting our new HR colleagues there and introducing them to delfort’s policies and procedures. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, I was not able to go. Still, we all made the best of the situation and we did the HR onboarding phase digitally via Skype. Although the virtual onboarding is going very well, I can't wait to meet my new colleagues in person someday.

In conclusion, due to the very important nature of my two job rotations, I truly feel like I’m making a difference and that I’m allowed to help shape the future of delfort!


Thank you Katrin, for that great interview!



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